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Wednesday, June 19, 2024
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    Actor Wu Chun Blasted For Disneyland Trip Amidst Fahrenheit Member Aaron Yan’s Scandal


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    Taiwanese artist Aaron Yan (炎亞綸)’s sex scandal dropped a few days ago. Since then, fellow Fahrenheit (飛輪海) members have known no peace. This includes Wu Chun (吳尊), a Brunei-born artist.

    As some may know, Aaron Yan is currently in hot water for allegedly sexually assaulting internet celebrity 邱耀乐 (Qiu Yaole). However, while he’s dealing with the fallout, it seems Wu Chun is having a fairly good time with his family in Disneyland! And for some reason, some netizens felt this was very unfair.

    Source: Weibo/吴尊

    Wu Chun was recently spotted in Hong Kong Disneyland Park, clearly having a day out with his family. The actor was photographed alongside his 12-year-old daughter and 9-year-old son who were enjoying themselves at the park. Fans were mostly delighted to hear some wholesome news about the actor and were pleased to see him having a good time with his family.

    However, it seems not everyone was pleased with Wu Chun’s holiday. “Aaron Yan(‘s situation) is like this, and you’re still in the mood to go to Disneyland?” one netizen asked, while another claimed he was “too lazy to discuss his ex-teammate Aaron Yan’s scandal“.

    Other netizens were simply left dumbfounded by their criticism of Wu Chun. “This netizen surely has too much free time,” one mocked. Another opined that people should look after their own issues instead. A netizen openly laughed, saying: “This kind of (expectation) really (leaves you) speechless.

    Source: Weibo/饭圈影视
    Source: Weibo/饭圈影视

    Wu Chun isn’t the only Fahrenheit member who was inadvertently affected by Aaron Yan’s scandal. Fellow member Jiro Wang (汪东城) too got dragged into the issue when netizens wondered if Aaron had ever taken advantage of him.

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    Well, Wu Chun has yet to comment on Aaron Yan’s situation, which is presumably still playing out. However, we sincerely hope the actor doesn’t let it affect his own life or his family’s. In the meantime, we wish him a peaceful life!

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