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Wednesday, June 19, 2024
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    Audience Member Throws Can At Chinese Actor Zhu Yi Long During “Lost In The Stars” Promo Event


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    Acting blurs the line between fiction and reality. But, it seems some are unable to differentiate between the two. Unfortunately, Chinese actor Zhu Yi Long (朱一龙) has taken the brunt for it.

    Zhu Yi Long was recently attending a promotional event for his latest film “Lost In The Stars (消失的她)”. But, during the event, people in the audience apparently tried to harm him by throwing items at him. Needless to say, fans have not been happy with their behaviour.

    Source: Weibo/朱一龙

    Most fans will know how dedicated actor Zhu Yi Long is. But, it seems he recently did too good a job with his character in “Lost In The Stars”. Yi Long’s character supposedly made choices in the film which have upset viewers. As such, during the promotional event, a few decided to take their frustration out on him by flinging items at the actor while he was on stage.

    At one point, someone did land a hit on Yi Long with an empty can. The actor had been startled by the throw and apparently thought it was a gift from a fan. Regardless, he did not lose his composure. Instead, he merely picked up the can while thanking the audience, and handed it off to a staff member before continuing the event.

    Netizens have since taken to their socials to praise Zhu Yi Long’s acting while snubbing those who had attempted to harm him. One even opined that viewers needed to “separate the actor from the film“. However, others have pointed out other acts of aggression against Yi Long’s character, such as bending his cardboard cut-out.

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    Source: Sina
    Source: Weibo/娱闻少女

    Well, on one hand, it certainly shows how Zhu Yi Long’s incredible acting skills have impacted his audience! But, we sincerely hope viewers will remember that, at the end of the day, the character is being played by an actor, and will refrain from physically harming him.

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