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Wednesday, June 19, 2024
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    Blind Taiwanese Singer Hsiao Huang-chi Plans To Open An 18+ Cafe?


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    Taiwanese singer-songwriter Hsiao Huang-chi (萧煌奇) has been blind since birth because of congenital cataracts. He regained partial vision after surgery at 4 years old but lost his sight completely at 15 for overtaxing his eyes while playing computer games. Although he is visually impaired, it did not stop Hsiao from doing what he loves – music.

    Normally seen with sunglasses on, it was pretty rare to see the singer not wearing any sunglasses. Recently, however, Hsiao posted photos of himself (without sunglasses) on Facebook chilling with some coffee and desserts. He even jokingly mentioned that he would like to open an NSFW cafe.

    Source: Facebook/@蕭煌奇

    Not long ago, Hsiao has been spending his free time travelling around Chiayi City, Taiwan. He visited two cafes, particularly in the city, and took photos of himself enjoying a cup of coffee. In the photos, he took off his sunglasses and was showing his face. While sipping on the drinks, he was really expressive and looked to be really relaxed.

    In the caption of the photos, the 46-year-old wrote, “I’ve been to many cafes by myself. When I grow up, I want to open an NSFW music cafe (摸摸茶).” His unexpected comment brought amusement to many netizens, and some of them requested him to open a cafe in their town.

    • “I’m looking forward to your cafe!”
    • “Such a humourous person! 😂 Welcome to Tainan! Tainan also has a lot of great coffee shops.”
    • “If you’re the one opening it (the cafe), I’ll definitely visit!”
    • “Remember to open the cafe in Chiayi City ~”
    Source: Facebook/@蕭煌奇

    Even though Hsiao is visually impaired, he still kept a positive perspective on life. Many netizens look up to the blind singer for his courage in leading a carefree life. As to whether he’ll actually open an NSFW cafe, let’s hope so (wink).

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