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Monday, June 17, 2024
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    Cecilia Cheung’s 1st BF HK Actor Jason Chu Helped Her To Fame Before She Broke His Heart


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    Many may know of Hong Kong actress Cecilia Cheung (张柏芝)’s ex-hubby Nicholas Tse (谢霆锋). But, how many remember her very first love, Jason Chu (朱永棠)?

    Cecilia Cheung has always been in the public eye when it comes to her romantic relationships. However, it seems few remember her first relationship with fellow Hong Kong actor Jason Chu. Unfortunately, their love didn’t last long after Cecilia allegedly left Jason to better her career!

    Sources: Weibo/张柏芝/朱永棠Jason

    Jason first appeared in the entertainment industry when he formed the boy group, Wind Sea Fire (风火海) with Michael Tse (谢天华) and Jordan Chan (陈小春). Unfortunately, it soon disbanded. Still, Jason found his footing afterward with the 1996 film “古惑仔 (Young and Dangerous)”. With his stellar performance as 蕉皮 (aka Banana Peel), Jason caught the hearts of many, including one young soon-to-be-actress, Cecilia Cheung.

    The two met in 1998, shortly after Cecilia had returned to Hong Kong from Australia. They hit off well and eventually fell in love. As such, it was no surprise when Jason allegedly became Cecilia’s first boyfriend! Jason also reportedly introduced Cecilia to the entertainment world via his brother, who was a well-known agent.


    Unfortunately, after her career started taking off, Cecilia allegedly opted to drop the brothers and joined another entertainment company. It supposedly left Jason heartbroken. Sometime after their breakup, Jason decided to transfer to China to further develop his career.

    He vanished from the public eye for a bit in 2005 and married Hong Kong star Tam Hoi-Yan (谭凯欣) and had two children with her. He later opened a beauty salon in 2009 before returning to the big screen in 2013. At age 55 now, Jason Chu is undeniably doing well for himself.

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    He’ll be releasing two movies soon, both involving former actors from “Young and Dangerous”. He’ll also allegedly be working alongside his former Wind Sea Fire members, Michael Tse and Jordan Chan in another film, seventeen years after their disbandment.

    Sources: Weibo/朱永棠Jason/LINE TODAY
    Source: Weibo/朱永棠Jason

    Well, we’re certainly glad to hear he’s doing well. We’ll likely never know for certain what exactly happened between Cecilia Cheung and Jason Chu, but, we do hope they did not part with bad blood between them.

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