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Monday, June 17, 2024
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    “Celebs Are Humans Too!”: Actress Reen Rahim Frustrated After Being Accused Of Avoiding Fans


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    While celebrities are known for living a glamorous life, we tend to forget that they are also humans with emotions and can be offended by harsh words. Some celebs have gotten used to the criticisms and have chosen to ignore them while others chose to fight back.

    After being accused of being arrogant at a recent event, actress Reen Rahim took to her Instagram stories to express her dissatisfaction with the accusations thrown at her. Here’s what happened:


    For context, it was speculated that the actress hid from fans at a recent event as she was not present at her booth when the reality was she simply went to use the restroom. Her brief absence apparently upset some fans who didn’t manage to meet or take photos with the starlet, leading them to believe she was avoiding them.

    The angry fans then left some rude comments on her Instagram and accused the celeb of being arrogant. The 34-year-old set the record straight in a series of IG stories. “I’d usually avoid these hate comments but do you honestly think celebs are your slaves?” she wrote. The “Sumpahan Malam Raya” star revealed that she originally planned to explain the situation but the comments were too much for her to ignore.

    In the stories, the Anugerah Skrin nominee provided screenshots of the remarks left by the so-called fans. She also replied to those comments before they were deleted by the original posters. The public figure even added that she had made sure to check if any fans were waiting at her booth before she took a break.

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    “Other celebs would’ve just apologised in this case but not me. If you’re nice to me, I’ll be 10x nicer. Treat me badly and I’ll do 1000x worse to you. Celebs are humans too!” the actress ended. At the time of writing, Reen Rahim has removed her angry posts from her IG stories before they expired.

    Whether or not it was right for her to expose the fans on Stories, Reen did make a point that people have always bashed celebs for the most trivial matters. Let’s hope she’s doing better now and that her future encounters with fans will be joyful.

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