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Wednesday, June 19, 2024
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    Coco Lee’s Husband Bruce Rockowitz Allegedly Looking For Lawyer To Contest Her Will


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    Hong Kong-singer Coco Lee (李玟) has left many mourning in her wake. Unfortunately, her death has also brought complications, particularly regarding her husband, Bruce Rockowitz and her family.

    Bruce Rockowitz is allegedly notorious for cheating on Coco Lee during their marriage despite his sweet message in her obituary. As such, this has led to rumours that Bruce will not be receiving anything from Coco’s will. Well, rumours now claim that the Canadian businessman is attempting to overturn that.

    Source: Yahoo Lifestyle Singapore

    Coco Lee and Bruce Rockowitz’s marriage and subsequent wedding had been the talk of the town, partially for the way they met and also because the duo held a very extravagant wedding. However, many were left disgusted in later years after it was discovered Bruce had been seeing other women while married to Coco. His actions broke her heart and Coco allegedly left her fortune and inheritance to her mother and sisters.

    But, a financial blogger recently claimed that Bruce is aiming to contest Coco’s will. According to him, Bruce’s net worth is not as high as netizens believe and he allegedly is in need of money. The blogger claimed that Bruce is only working part-time in Hong Kong, and does not have a very high income, in addition to his penchant for drinking and having fun.

    According to Hong Kong media, Bruce “has not held a (permanant) job or (had) income in the past two years“. “So what is he doing in Hong Kong?” the blogger asked rhetorically. “He’s being (looked after) by Coco Lee and he refused to actually go through the divorce procedures while wanting to engage in extramarital affairs.” The blogger added that Bruce was looking for a lawyer to contest the will.

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    Source: Facebook/CoCo Lee 李玟

    As Bruce and Coco did not sign a prenuptial agreement, Bruce would still get half of her inheritance upon divorce. The blogger also pointed out that most of their shared wealth actually belonged to Coco as she continued her career after marrying him. Bruce allegedly married into her wealth as he had been a tennis coach and a businessman prior to meeting Coco.

    Coco’s sister Nancy allegedly confirmed the speculation, saying: “My sister single-handedly made him a rich man and got him on the list.” It was also later reported that Coco had been the one to finance their wedding all those years ago as well.

    This has led fans to blasting Bruce Rockowitz, with some going after Hong Kong company Global Brands Co. Ltd. which he was CEO of at one point. However, Nancy told fans that Bruce had not worked at the company for a long time. Netizens also allegedly found a Instagram account claiming to be Bruce with this written in their bio: “I was always nice to her. Rest in peace my dear wife Coco Lee.” But, it was discovered that the account was fake.

    Source: China Press

    Well, Coco Lee’s passing has certainly left quite the mess. We do hope those involved in the matter will be able to settle things legally and amiably. In the meantime, we sincerely hope Coco will find peace in her afterlife.

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