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Wednesday, June 19, 2024
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    HK Actor Tony Leung Sparks Controversy After Female Friend Wraps Her Leg Around His Crotch


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    Where does one draw the line between yourself and someone’s significant other? Is hugging and kissing a friend’s husband too far?

    On 27th June 2023, Hong Kong veteran actor Tony Leung (梁朝伟) celebrated his 61st birthday with his wife, Carina Lau (刘嘉玲), along with their close friends and family. However, a set of photos posted by a close friend have sparked controversy.

    Source: Instagram/@tonyleung_official

    Even though Tony and his wife have been together for 34 years, the two rarely show any PDA in public. When netizens came across sweet photos of the two together on their Instagram, they were delighted to see that the married couple’s relationship are still going strong.

    However, a close friend of Tony’s wife, Anna Ueyama (上山诗钠), also posted several photos on Instagram wishing him a happy birthday. From the photos, she was seen hugging and kissing the actor. Her actions towards the married man have sparked many heated discussions online.

    In one photo, Anna was hugging Tony really tightly and giving him a kiss on his cheek. In another, she was seen wrapping her arms around his neck with her legs wrap around his crotch; even the actor himself looked taken aback at her actions in the photo.

    Source: Instagram/@annaboop

    Turns out, Anna and Tony have been long-time friends, so when these photos were posted, people in their friendship circle were indifferent about it. However, some expressed that it may be disrespectful towards the wife despite their friendship.

    • “I really hate close friends like these, hugging someone else’s husband so tightly~”
    • “Have you heard of a husband with two wives? I’m sure you have.”
    • “#MeToo.”
    Source: Facebook
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