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Wednesday, June 19, 2024
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    Influencer Teacher Shi Qi Apologises For Viral Spot Check Video


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    Earlier this week, local teacher and content creator Shi Qi or @notqiwiie on TikTok posted a video of her doing a spot check while her students were not in class. The video received negative reactions from netizens with many accusing the influencer of violating her students’ privacy.

    Although she took down the original post from her TikTok channel, the damage has already been done as the video had circulated everywhere on social media. Last night (Tuesday, 20th June), the teacher finally broke her silence regarding the viral video.


    A few days after the controversial video went viral, Shi Qi posted an official apology in a series of photos on her TikTok and Instagram. In her statement, the REAL International School teacher first apologised to everyone who was offended by the post. She then verified speculations that the video was indeed a sponsored post as she was seen taking out items of the same brand from her students’ bags a few times.

    The influencer clarified that there were no students involved in the making of the sponsored content, unlike her other videos where she received consent from their parents before posting. However, she acknowledged that she was still wrong for not asking for consent to use the students’ belongings as props after being pointed out by netizens in her original post.

    “I am new to content creation and I am still learning. This is not an excuse. I will take this as a lesson to be more mindful and conscientious in the future,” the 26-year-old wrote. The public figure ended her post by insisting that the safety and well-being of her students are still her top priority and that she has removed every video on her TikTok, including ones involving the children for the time being while she reflects on her mistake. Her viral “Emotional Damage” post still remains on her Instagram as no students were shown in the video.

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    Fans of Shi Qi showed their support and forgiveness. Many commented that they will miss her content and hopes that she’ll continue to post entertaining and educational videos in the future. Meanwhile on Twitter, although netizens acknowledged her apology and good intentions, they still believe that teachers should not be allowed to post photos or videos of their students even with parents’ consent.

    Minister of Education Fadhlina Sidek also released a statement regarding the recent controversial video. “I take and monitor these issues very seriously. We will update everyone from time to time on appropriate actions taken, should there be, for any complaints submitted to the MOE” she told the media.

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