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Tuesday, June 25, 2024
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    “It Wasn’t Me!”: Sophia Albarakbah Denies Flirting With Another Married Actor


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    Things haven’t been easy for actress Sophia Albarakbah recently. Although the past scandal of her involvement in a celebrity couple’s troubled marriage has been settled, new rumours and speculations have apparently arisen.

    Rumour has it that an unnamed actress has been trying to get in between a celebrity couple’s marriage by flirting with the husband on set. The 30-year-old has since taken to her social media to shut those rumours down.


    For context, a rumour has been circulating that a relatively new actress tried to flirt with a married actor while they were on set filming for a project. The names of the actor and his wife were never specified, however, due to a past controversy, netizens have speculated that the rumoured “homewrecker” was actress Sophia Albarakbah.

    The “Selalu Ada” star quickly put those rumours to rest by posting on both her Instagram and Twitter yesterday (Monday, 10th July) saying, “I usually don’t rant on social media, but there’s something I need to let out. For those who accused me of getting in between a celebrity couple’s marriage, please, it wasn’t me. Enough with putting the blame on me”. 

    The mixed-blood celeb ended her post by urging everyone to stop spreading false rumours about her. “I do not want to hear any rumours involving me, as it is clearly NOT ME! Thank you,” she wrote. Fans, of course, showed their support for the actress by saying she’s too busy with her career to even consider doing something immoral. Some criticised those who brought up the past issue to justify their speculations about the public figure’s involvement in the recent rumour.

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    Shortly after posting her statement, Sophia also posted a quote by entrepreneur Alif Teega on her IG story to indicate that she will not stay silent when things get out of hand. The quote reads, “There are things we can endure, there are times we’ll stay silent and ignore. But when things go overboard, that’s when we have to fight”. 

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