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Tuesday, June 18, 2024
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    JJ Lin, Wang Leehom, Jay Chou & More Pay Touching Tributes To Coco Lee


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    Last night, the world was shocked to learn that legendary singer Coco Lee (李玟) had taken her own life due to depression. Her passing has left many mourning for the lost of yet another icon who had made her mark on the regional entertainment industry and Hollywood.

    Ever since Coco’s sisters confirmed her passing on social media, tributes from celebrities from around the world started pouring in for the 48-year-old. Their heartfelt messages is testimony to what a beautiful soul Coco had while she wa shere.

    1. JJ Lin (林俊杰)

    Singaporean singer JJ Lin posted a photo of the two of them together. The late singer was seen with her usual bright smile. Under the post, he wrote, “It hurts. (It) really hurts to lose a dear friend. I wish life could have been gentler on your soul. The world has lost one of the most iconic performers and artists of all time. Dear Coco @cocolee (our music warrior), the music universe will never be the same without you, we will miss you very much.”

    2. Bowie Tsang (曾宝仪)

    Taiwanese artist Bowie Tsang recalled moments spent together with Coco. On Thanksgiving Day last year, the singer told Bowie that she was going through a battle but told her not worry because she was a ‘fighter’ and a ‘female warrior’. “Thank you for your hard work. I hope that you’re at peace now, and your family is safe,” she wrote.

    3. Dee Hsu (小S)

    After staying hidden from the public eye since being exposed by Taiwanese TV host Mickey Huang (黃子佼), artist Dee Hsu reappeared on social media to pay tribute to Coco. She posted a picture with a black background with just the words R.I.P. She wrote in the caption, “I would never forget your smile, voice, and dance forever! You are the most humble and talented person ever!”

    4. Elva Hsiao (萧亚轩)

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    According to her manager, Taiwanese singer Elva Hsiao broke down in tears when she heard the news. Hours later, she posted a tribute on her socials. It reads, “We lost the queen of both singing and dancing. She was my teacher and my queen since young. I will forever remember the happy personality. I’m really hurt… She’s forever in my heart. For my whole life, her last words to me was ‘Elva, come back, singing!’ Till now, I can’t bring myself to believe it, my heart aches! She’s forever my queen, I hate to part with her!”

    5. Jay Chou (周杰伦)

    Source: Weibo/@周杰伦中文网JayCn

    On Weibo, Taiwanese artist Jay Chou posted a video of Coco and him performing together on stage. This video made a lot of netizens tear up as it reminded them of “Dow Ma Dan”, a song by the late singer which Jay Chou also helped composed. Under the video, he wrote, “Forever a Tao Ma Tan. (刀马旦: a female warrior role in Chinese opera)”

    6. Jolin Tsai (蔡依林)

    On Facebook, Taiwanese singer Jolin Tsai wrote a simple and heartwarming message in memory of Coco. The message reads, “R.I.P, I’ll forever remember you with your bright smile.”

    7. Shu Qi (舒淇)

    Source: Weibo/@舒淇

    Hong Kong and Taiwanese actress Shu Qi also posted a tribute dedicated to Coco. She quoted Coco’s sister’s statement about her passing on Weibo, and wrote a simple sentence. It reads, “May there be no pain and suffering in heaven.”

    8. G.E.M. (鄧紫棋)

    Source: Weibo/@GEM鄧紫棋

    Just like how many others were shocked and could not believe the news of Coco’s passing, Taiwanese singer G.E.M., is still in shock. She wrote in a post on Weibo, “You’ve always wore a sweet and warm smile. You’ve always faced all your trials and hardships with so much courage and resolution. I can’t imagine how much you’ve been through and how much pain is hidden behind that smile of yours. I will forever miss you @Coco. Rest in peace.”

    9. Wang Leehom (王力宏)

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    It has been almost 30 years since Taiwanese artist Wang Leehom first met Coco. The two of them shared many years of friendship as he recalled their sweet memories together on Instagram. He said, “I can still remember she was the life of the party, every guy had a crush on her but assumed she was out of their league. I am lucky and forever grateful to have known her also, as a warm friend. Her spirit, her sunshine, like her voice and music, will never fade.”

    10. Stefanie Sun (孙燕姿)

    In memory of Coco, Singaporean singer-songwriter Stefanie Sun posted a goofy photo with her on Instagram. She said in the caption, “Rest in peace sweet Coco. Thank you for the best smiles and the best performances. We all feel this loss keenly and wish the family peace and strength during this time.”

    11. Selina Jen (任家萱)

    Source: Instagram/@selinanahaha

    On her Instagram story, Taiwanese artist Selina Jen posted a photo of her and Coco embracing each other with the caption, “As your fan, I was extremely lucky to have met you and given you a tight hug. Coco, you are my idol forever. I love you. R.I.P.”

    12. Rainie Yang (杨丞琳)

    Source: Weibo/@楊丞琳

    Taiwanese singer Rainie Yang was contracted under the same agency with Coco. Since her debut, Coco had been like an older sister to her. Last night, the artist wrote on Weibo, “My first ever idol and role model, you’ve always faced the audience with enthusiasm and positivity. You’ve also always encouraged your juniors with warmth. This is really heartbreaking. I hope that you will never be in pain again. You’ll forever be alive in everyone’s heart. R.I.P. Coco.” Along with her tribute, she also posted a couple of photos of the two of them throughout the years.

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    13. Jam Hsiao (萧敬腾)

    Source: Weibo/@萧敬腾

    As a tribute, Taiwanese singer Jam Hsiao posted a series of photos of him and Coco performing on stage together and hanging out with each other. With gratitude, he thanked the late singer for always taking care of him and encouraging him. Ending his tribute, he said, “I will miss you forever and ever. May you be happy in another world.”

    14. Alex To (杜德伟)

    One of the fondest memory Taiwanese artist Alex To has of Coco was when she appeared at his concert in 2015 as a superstar guest. The artist recalls how Coco went above and beyond during her concert cameo. “Despite practicing it over and over again, she still looked like she was fully enjoying the rehersal!” he said. At the end, he wrote, “May Coco find herself in a happy universe where only love exists. A place where she could also enjoy the bliss of music and performing. R.I.P. Coco.”

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