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Tuesday, June 25, 2024
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    Kasih Iris Leona: “If I Had Smaller Boobs, You Literally Wouldn’t Give A Sh*t”


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    This past week was an eventful one for Kasih Iris Leona. After causing a stir online with her controversial white bikini outfit, the public figure once again drew the ire of netizens for showing too much skin in a long lilac dress as seen in a viral video uploaded on TikTok.

    After staying silent, Leona has finally decided to speak up about the ongoing controversy surrounding her racy appearance. Through a series of posts on her Twitter, the 21-year-old urged the public to stop being bothered about her image as well as her choice of outfits.

    Source: Twitter

    “Please stop being so bothered by what I wear. Like please, I’m begging you to be more invested in more important issues,” Leona wrote. “What I wear really doesn’t affect anyone. It’s my body, it’s my choice, it’s my problem and it has nothing to do with any of you! If you don’t like what you see then just stop look at it! Block me for all I care.”

    In her subsequent tweet, Leona also called out several local media sites for using her as clickbait for their articles. She commented, “Maybe if you were better at your job, you wouldn’t need to use me as clickbait 💔.” She also added that people won’t be concerned about her outfits if she had “smaller boobs.”

    Meanwhile, Leona’s dad, Azhar Sulaiman, also caught the attention of netizens with his postings on Facebook about his daughter. “For some people, there are some days when they make stupid mistakes. Now, I’m worried if my daughter Leona is the type of person who tends to make a fool of herself every single day,” the seasoned actor wrote.

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    Source: FB/Berita Serius

    Not to mention, Azhar also questioned whether his daughter is turning into a viral sensation like Aliff Syukri – the public figure is mostly known for his slew of controversies on social media.

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