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Wednesday, June 19, 2024
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    Kasih Iris Leona Wants To Seek Therapy; Netizens Suggest She Seek God Instead


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    Kasih Iris Leona can’t seem to catch a break from online backlash. For those in the dark, the younger daughter to actor Azhar Sulaiman has often been subjected to severe criticism for posting several photos and videos of her in tight and revealing outfits on social media.

    Recently, Leona once again caught the attention of local netizens over a post she shared on her Twitter page. She revealed that she’s currently looking for a therapist. The following day, she came up with a series of tweets hinting at the reason why she was seeking mental health treatment.

    Source: Instagram

    “I need a therapist,” the 21-year-old briefly tweeted. “I’m unhappy with the person I am internally. Living between two countries, nowhere really feels like home. I constantly feel like running to the other country when I face a problem in the country I’m in. That’s what it’s like to live a double life. The ‘me’ in Malaysia and the ‘me’ in the UK live such different lives, I don’t even know who I really am anymore.”

    Netizens took to the comments section to share some suggestions for Leona to improve her mental well-being. Some suggested she seek God for His guidance and also read the Holy Quran. One netizen on Twitter also told Leona to “grow up and be more mature”. Another suggested the influencer take a break from social media and do some self-reflection.

    Source: Twitter

    Sadly, there were also some netizens who left hateful comments on Leona’s post. One commenter wrote, “You’ve had a good time enjoying your life, and all of a sudden you need to seek therapy? Younger kids nowadays are just plain weird.” Another added, “I feel bad for your dad because he has to deal with all the criticisms.” 

    Whatever Leona’s reasons may be, it’s never too late or wrong for anyone to seek professional help if they’re going through hard times in their life. We hope she’ll find what she’s looking for and gets better soon.

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