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Tuesday, June 25, 2024
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    Kim Jong Kook Is Helping Kim Seon Ho To Buff Up & Get Those 6-Pack Abs


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    The past few months have been hectic for Kim Seon Ho (김선호). After making his much-anticipated comeback in the musical “Touching The Void” last year, the actor is set to appear in his first ever movie titled “The Childe”. The movie is set to hit the cinemas in Korea on 21st June.

    Seon Ho appeared as a special guest on Kim Jong Kook’s famous YouTube show “Gym Jong Kook” to promote the upcoming action-packed flick. The full episode featuring the K-Drama star was uploaded on the platform last night (Thursday, 1st June).

    Source: Twitter

    Off to an active start, Jong Kook shared that most people come to his gym to bulk up for their new movie roles. Upon hearing his comment, Seon Ho smiled and confessed, “I didn’t work out at all during the filming of ‘The Childe’. I was in a completely clean state.”

    The “Running Man” star then revealed that he came across an old photo of a shirtless Seon Ho with his abs exposed. Following this, Seon Ho then remarked, “There were times when my abs were not visible. But, I think working out is more about training both my mind and body.” He also said revealed he doesn’t work out during filming processes, as he finds it “distracting.”

    Source: YouTube

    During their chat, Seon Ho also said that he often exercises five times a week, to which Jong Kook remarked, “I noticed that you have a good body frame. If you bulk up your body, it will turn out amazingly. Along with your refined facial feature, your body can be an unexpected charm, a powerful weapon.”

    Jong Kook also told the “Welcome To Waikiki” actor that he might have gone to Hollywood by now if he has a killer physique. “This is the first time I’m saying this. A really famous foreign director watches this show. If I mention this director’s name, you will be very surprised.” Seon Ho immediately responded by saying, “Then I’ll start working on my body,” as their training went on.

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    Watch the full video here:

    YouTube video

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