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Tuesday, June 25, 2024
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    (Photos) TVB Host Jarvis Chow Shares His Yummy Food Experience In Penang, Ipoh & Cameron Highlands


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    It is undeniable that Malaysia has great food. Food culture here is a big thing for locals and foreigners alike. People from all around the world would visit our country just to enjoy the wide variety of food. One trip to Malaysia would also leave you craving for more.

    Recently, TVB host, Jarvis Chow Yik Wai (周奕玮), travelled to Malaysia after receiving an invitation from a travel agency to shoot a promotional video here. His itinerary lasted a couple of days with him travelling around the country while feasting on the different delectable cuisines.

    Source: Instagram/@jarvischow

    Jarvis’ first stop was non other than Penang – Malaysia’s food paradise. After all, a Malaysian trip would not be completed without visiting this popular tourist destination. Filling up his table with a wide variety of appetising food at Fisherman’s Wharf Penang, one can see that he was truly getting the full Penang hawker food experience.

    A later visit to the famous Kimberly Street to try its tasty street food and 92 Armenian (打铜仔) to taste their homemade bird nest desserts has left Jarvis wanting for more. With no doubts, the TV host also did not forget to get a taste of the Malaysian King of Fruits – durians.

    “One of the most unforgettable moments from my trip was visiting the durian mountain. I am not actually a durian addict, but eating the freshly fallen, then instantly opened durians, I realized it was really delicious. I never even expect myself to finish 3 fruits at once.”

    Source: Instagram/@jarvischow

    Next stop for the TV host was Ipoh, Malaysia’s charming sleepy town known for its food and culture. Experiencing the delicacies and classic tidbits, Jarvis was satisfied for days with the food he was consuming there. Who wouldn’t be?

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    Before leaving Malaysia, Jarvis also paid Cameron Highlands a visit. He got to experience strawberry picking, one of the classic activities there. At the same time, he also visited a vintage shop, the famous Boh tea garden and got to pet some really adorable rabbits.

    After his Malaysian trip, Jarvis commented, “This time I visited Penang, Ipoh, etc. I’ve tried eating 4 whole bowls of noodles in one sitting, including Penang prawn noodles and white curry mee. After that, I even ate a couple of desserts. It really felt like my stomach would burst!”

    Source: Instagram/@jarvischow

    When one of the netizens joked about not being used to him ‘leaving’, Jarvis responded by saying, “Actually, I would always travel to Malaysia in the past. The locals are really friendly, I really love Malaysia. In fact, during the lockdown, I’ve said to myself that when borders open up, I need to go visit the unique places around the world. The world is so big, what a waste it would be if I didn’t visit as many places as I can.”

    When he had to leave the country, the TV host expressed his appreciation towards Malaysia. “Thank you Malaysia, thank you to everyone who took care of me while I was there. You were all really kind and friendly, and I had a really good time in your country. I hope that I would have the chance to come back to Malaysia, just so I can experience this kindness and warmth again!”

    Seeing his post, netizens also awaits his next visit to Malaysia and thanked him for loving the country.

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