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Saturday, July 13, 2024
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    Singer Ariff Bahran Brags About Storing RM100 & RM50 Notes In Refrigerator


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    Lately, we’ve seen celebrities post all kinds of stuff on social media that backfired on them. One of those celebrities was singer Ariff Bahran. Recently, the singer, who is now active in trading, posted a TikTok video of him seemingly boasting about his wealth as he showed off stacks of cash placed idly in his refrigerator.

    He also uploaded a few other similar videos, including one where he supposedly paid for a car with a large amount of cash. Here’s what the 25-year-old had to say after being called out for being boastful and ignorant by netizen:

    In a recent interview with mStar, the singer said he’s not offended by the backlash. According to him, getting offended by the comments means he doesn’t understand the workings of social media. He said, “I’m okay (with it) because if I take the netizen’s word to heart and feel down about it, that’s just a sign that I don’t know how social media works.

    The singer explained that his videos are merely for fun and that his followers understand that he actually keeps his money in banks but prefers to use cash for certain commitments. He also mentioned that he didn’t expect the videos to go viral, saying, “When I share about my songs, no one seems to care, but a lot of people seem to be curious when I share about my private life.

    Ariff also shared how he feels about the comments telling him to donate his money instead of showing it off. According to him, the singer understands what it’s like to struggle in life, especially if you’re young and just starting your career, so he’s always open to lending financial help to those who need it.

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    Well, we can’t say we support his actions or his videos. But, at least Ariff understands what social media is really like – and that’s hard even for many of us.

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