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Monday, June 17, 2024
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    Singer JJ Lin Remains Unaffected By #MeToo Scandals: Here’s Why


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    The #MeToo movement in Taiwan has been seeing the collapse of various celebs’ images and reputations. But famous Singapore-born singer JJ Lin (林俊傑) remains untouched and netizens are wondering why.

    From TV host Mickey Huang (黃子佼), to singer Aaron Yan (炎亞綸), and actor Chris Wang (宥胜), these timeless entertainers and stars have been falling like dominoes. It certainly seems like no one is safe. But, netizens think that despite everything, JJ Lin will come out unscathed, mainly due to his “strong background”!

    Source: Facebook/林俊傑 JJ Lin

    As some may know, JJ Lin isn’t untouched by scandals. The singer has had his fair share of rumours and gossips. In fact, just last year, a woman in Singapore claimed JJ Lin had “broken her heart”. However, netizens have been speculating as to why the recent wave of #MeToo scandals hasn’t even touched him.

    Several have observed that JJ Lin did make news with some gossip, but he hasn’t been making waves since. However, netizens have their own theories. One reportedly commented that “(Wanting him to love you) and sex are two different things.” Still, others claim he’s virtually untouchable, thanks to his “strong background“, referring to rumours that he’s from a rich family in Singapore.

    As internet celebrity 鬼才阿水Awater penned: “(JJ Lin) is a forever god (who) comes with ice properties. The man who never burns, it doesn’t matter if (he’s involved) in many things.” He later reportedly added in the comments: “If you are (famous) enough with a solid background, more (people) will help you cover up.” His comments section has since devolved into other netizens ‘warning’ him of “JJ’s might” and his “irate fans”.

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    Source: Facebook/鬼才阿水Awater

    Past rumours allegedly claim JJ Lin’s father was one of the shareholder of a large telecommunications company in Singapore and invested in a law firm. His mother supposedly used to head the Asian division of an American oil company, before running a KTV (karaoke box) after she retired. His older brother is reportedly the vice-president of UBS’s Asia-Pacific region, and his uncle is allegedly the president of Canon in Japan.

    However, JJ has refuted those rumours, admitting that while he is from a good family, he isn’t rich. Additionally, he clarified that his father is involved in a telephone-related business, but is not a shareholder of a telecommunications company. And while it’s true his mother runs a karaoke box, she did not head an oil company and his brother is actually a manager of a bank.

    Source: Facebook/林俊傑 JJ Lin

    Well, JJ Lin is currently sitting quietly on the sidelines and enjoying his time in Paris. We certainly hope he remains that way! Currently, the #MeToo storm is still making its way through Taiwan and we have a feeling it won’t be over for quite a while.

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