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Monday, June 17, 2024
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    Siti Nurhaliza Blasts Netizens Who Likened Her New Futuristic Album To Autism


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    Did you hear? Siti Nurhaliza will be releasing her 20th album this week! For those who are curious, the album is titled “Sitism”, and is set to drop on Friday (30th June). This marks the singer’s first album in 3 years; her last album “ManifestaSiti2020” was released back in July 2020.

    The famous songstress took to her Instagram last night to share the official cover artwork of her upcoming album. As seen on the Instagram post, Siti opted for a more futuristic look for her grand comeback in the music scene.

    “Travelling across all the times – The past, present, and the future. The audio and visual are moving in sync,” the caption reads. The post was met with tons of reactions from fans and netizens alike. While many applauded Siti’s new musical direction, there were also some who reacted negatively to her fresh concept.

    One Instagram user named @kakwanlebor wrote, “The album is called ‘Sitism’. When I searched on Google, the result that came out was autism.” The netizen continued by saying, “You’re an established senior artiste. These images and visuals are not on your level. I wonder which troll suggested Malaysia’s number one singer come up with an album using this concept.” 

    Another commenter added, “She looks like someone who’s suffering from mental illness,” to which the OP replied, “Isn’t the device she’s wearing on her head used to treat people with mental disorders?” @kakwanlebor’s IG post immediately caught the attention of Siti herself. She wrote in response, “Their language is so ‘beautiful’. Let’s hand these ladies to the MCMC so they can inspect them.” Following that, it appears that the two social media accounts are currently nowhere to be found after they were put on blast.

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    Source: IG Story

    Amidst all the criticisms, local TV director Shahrulezad Mohameddin came forward to defend Siti’s response towards the internet trolls. He pointed out that despite being a well-known figure, Siti is also a human and she has feelings too. “Being Siti Nurhaliza can be tiring, she has to please everyone who will definitely never be satisfied. I hope we can give Siti some space to express her opinion once in a while,” he wrote.

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