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Tuesday, June 18, 2024
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    Siti Nurhaliza’s Stepson Asyraf Khalid Breaks Silence On Hotel Staff Mistreatment


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    Siti Nurhaliza’s stepson, Asyraf Khalid, is shedding some more light on the recent allegations about him and his wife Tya Arifin mistreating staff members at several hotels in Malaysia. The rumour was first brought up by a Twitter user named PU Ronal. The accuser has since deactivated his Twitter account.

    The entrepreneur came up with an explanation to address the allegations. Taking to his Instagram, Asyraf came forward to deny all the claims left by the internet user. He explained that the rumour of him and his wife being rude towards the hotel staff is not true.

    “First of all, I think that the rumours are baseless. We’re in the business field, so we never know whether these baseless rumours are circulated by the competitors or somebody else,” the father-of-two clarified. “Everywhere I go, I’ll try my best to be kind to everyone.” 

    “I never once refused to entertain others who approached me for photos or those who wanted to strike conversation. In fact, those who are familiar with me will know that I treat people with respect,” Asyraf added in his video. In addition, he also emphasised that he’s a human too, and he also has his bad days.

    “I’m not sinless. There may be some moments where I was rude to others, but that’s normal. Some days, we have good days, and there are not so good days. I’m still a normal human being. There’s no way I’d get mad without any reason. But I still would like to apologise if I’ve ever been rude, or if I’ve ever offended someone with my behaviour,” he added in his post.

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    Source: Instagram

    In the comments section, Asyraf was asked on why he hasn’t taken action against the internet troll, to which he replied, “I think there’s no need to. It will be a hassle if I decide to undergo proceedings at the court. I’ll just forgive him.” Many netizens praised the businessman for his act of kindness.

    Not to mention, there were also a few celebs and fans who pointed out that the couple are well-known for their friendliness and are very polite and respectful towards other people.

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