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Wednesday, June 19, 2024
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    Steve Wong Refutes HK Artist Maria Cordero’s Claim Beyond’s Wong Ka Kui Wrote A Song For Her


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    30 years ago, Hong Kong rock band Beyond’s lead singer Wong Ka Kui (黄家驹) left a legacy that many cherish. Unfortunately, artists Steve Wong Ka Keung (黄家强) and Fat Mama (肥媽) aka Mariam Maria Cordero Bibi (瑪俐亞) recently got into a spat over that same legacy.

    Maria Cordero recently performed the song “感激这对手” which she claimed was one of Wong Ka Kui’s posthumous works, adding it had been made specially for her. However, Steve Wong, Ka Kui’s younger brother and a fellow Beyond member has since refuted the claim.

    Source: 8days

    Previously, Fat Mama claimed she had met Steve Wong at an event 20 years ago, claiming to have a tape with her name written on it. She also alleged that she had no motives for singing the song, aside from honouring the song and its author. However, in his explanation which he posted on Facebook, Steve clarified that although the song had Big Mama’s name attached to it, it was not made for her.

    According to Steve, Beyond often used the names of other musicians and bands during their songwriting and demo forming process. “In the mid-1980s, Beyond was just a band that loved music and was still (quietly in the works). To survive in the commercial market, we would refer to popular music as a blueprint,” Steve stated. He listed off popular Japanese bands like Anzenchitai (Safety Zone, 安全地帶) and Southern All Star, and known Hong Kong singers such as Fat Mom who was famous for her R&B vocals and Danny Summer who sang blues.

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    Steve explained that all four names had been used in their demo titles for a very specific reason. “The works created were influenced by their music style (but) did not have a definite (theme) at the time, so it was easier to record (the songs) like this,” he shared. “As long as you knew the tentative song title, you would probably know the style of these songs when choosing them.

    Source: Facebook/肥媽 Maria cordero

    Steve stated that they had not shared the fact as these were secrets to their creative process and felt it would be embarrassing if it were to be known. “Although (the songs) were inspired by (these singers’) influence, the songs are still original and when the work was completed with real themes, we would delete the creation records and focus on the song’s existing themes and style,” he said.

    However, Steve added that they had been frustrated when a few demos were published against their wishes with the original names, alluding to someone who had previously owned copyrights of Beyond’s songs before 1991. He then went on to deny having given Fat Mama the alleged posthumous work or telling her Ka Kui had supposedly written it for her.

    Using common sense, would I have told her about (this) creative process that would embarrass us if it were to be made public?” he asked. “Besides, I don’t own the copyright and the tape, so why would I make up a story about writing a song for her?” Steve then added: “Because of the above reason, I will not and cannot give this song to her.

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    Source: Facebook/黃家強

    The 58-year-old singer clarified that he did not want to discuss the matter further. “If you (have) Ka Kui’s work and like it, singing it well is already (an honour) for Ka Kui. No need to implicate others to (boost) yourself. There is no right or wrong, only truth!” he ended.

    Steven Wong Ka Keung has made it clear he still respects his brother and does not want anything marring Ka Kui’s legacy. Luckily, fans have rallied around him and have reassured that they still appreciate his brother and his legacy. We’re also simply glad Wong Ka Kui and Beyond’s works will continue to live on in his stead.

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