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Monday, June 17, 2024
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    Taiwanese Actor Rex Wu’s Wife Traumatised After Sexual Harassment At A Party


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    As #metoo gains more movement across Taiwan, more people are coming forward with their stories. This includes actor Rex Wu (吴怀中)’s wife 郭雅绫 (Guo Yaling), better known as 小龜 (Xiao Guo).

    Guo Yaling recently took to her socials to share her story of being sexually harassed at a party. The incident apparently traumatised her so badly, it left her scared of her husband’s touch.

    Source: Facebook/吳懷中

    Xiao Guo uploaded her experience to her socials yesterday (20th June). “Recently, (with the) #metoo storm, yes, I am also a victim. Just over a month ago at an actor’s party, this brother took advantage of my husband’s drunkenness to approach me and said: ‘I thought you were cute from the last time I saw you…’ I didn’t do anything then because his wife was there,” she shared. Unfortunately, it didn’t end there.

    The unnamed actor brushed against her as she was going to the toilet and she initially assumed it was an accident. However, she got quite a shock when she spotted him behind her in the bathroom mirror. He then hugged her from behind and told her again that she looked cute. “I subconsciously protected my chest first and screamed to break free,” she said. “After I ran out, I didn’t dare say anything. I just asked the (staff) to call a car for me.”

    I wanted to go home, I just wanted to run away. I was scared, I didn’t know what to do…” Xiao Guo said. She thought he had been drunk but, she later overheard him soberly telling a senior actor that “young girls now take the initiative to throw themselves into [your] arms“. The incident had left her shaken and in tears. “I’m still afraid of people touching me, even my husband. I hope he doesn’t touch me, doesn’t hug me,” she shared.

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    Source: Facebook/吳懷中的老婆小龜

    Her husband, Rex Wu too was upset when he discovered what had happened. “I (let my guard down) because I trusted the senior I respected at the scene,” he said in a Facebook post of his own. “But I was wrong. I didn’t protect my wife well, (and) she suffered physically and mentally for a while.

    He added that it hurt him to see her so affected by the incident. “I hope no other girls will be victimised by this,” Rex said. He also shared a pair of shoes which was a gift to his wife, to make up for the incident. Xiao Guo was moved by the sentiment and her husband’s support.

    Source: Facebook/吳懷中

    Our heart goes out to Xiao Guo and all that she endured. We sincerely hope things will get better for her from now on. Hopefully, both Rex Wu and Guo Yaling will be able to support one another through this.

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