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Tuesday, June 25, 2024
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    Taiwanese Artist Aaron Yan’s Ex-BF Qiu Yaole Scammed A Netizen By Soliciting Sex Then Ghosting Them


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    On 20th June, internet celebrity Raku (邱耀乐, Qiu Yaole) caused a stir when he alleged that Taiwanese artist Aaron Yan (炎亞綸) had taken advantage of him when he was 16. And while many were initially siding with Qiu Yaole, new information has come forth putting him in hot water instead!

    Someone is now claiming that Qiu Yaole isn’t as innocent a victim as he’s making himself out to be. Apparently, Yaole had once scammed a netizen of their money by soliciting sex, only to ghost them afterwards. As such, when he started exposing Aaron Yan, the victim felt his truth should be revealed as well.

    Source: Instagram/@tnps96073

    Qiu Yaole held a press conference yesterday (21st June) to clear up the issue about Aaron Yan. While he was explaining the issue, Aaron had apparently burst onto the scene, in tears and full of apologies. Unfortunately, things had not yet settled between the two when someone else appeared to add oil to the fire.

    The information was released online by a source claiming their friend had been cheated by Yaole. “Yaole used Instagram to privately make an appointment with my friend,” the post read. “He had to give Yaole 54,000 NT dollars (~RM8000). 54,000 NT dollars for six appointments.” They met once, and during the date, the friend allegedly paid the stated amount to Yaole on the spot.

    However, things changed after Yaole received the money. “He started to hide. Initially he gave various reasons to avoid meeting (my friend). Then, he just disappeared,” the netizen claimed. The netizen also uploaded screenshots of his friend’s conversation with Yaole, which showed that the incident had taken place last year. The final message from the friend was a warning of suing Yaole for fraud.

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    Source: 爆料公社
    Source: 爆料公社

    The netizen added that his friend had been thinking about revealing Qiu Yaole’s actions for almost half a year, and was finally spurred to after hearing his allegations towards Aaron Yan. “Deducting the date (my friend) had with Yaole, he was cheated by Yaole for over 45,000 yuan (~RM6700),” the netizen stated.

    Qiu Yaole has yet to respond to the issue since his press conference about Aaron. The authenticity of the post too has not been confirmed. However, one thing is for certain. Things have gotten very messy for Qiu Yaole.

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