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Tuesday, June 25, 2024
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    Taiwanese Artist Yuan Kuo Accuses Charles “Blackie” Chen Of Sexual Assault; Singer Makiyo Defends Him?


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    As of recent, Taiwanese actress Big Tooth (大牙/周宜霈) aka Da Ya accusing TV host Charles “Blackie” Chen (陈建州) of attempted sexual assault had sparked many controversies online. Even though he denied the claims, a video of him force kissing singer Selina Jen (任家萱) may have suggested otherwise.

    On 28th June 2023, Taiwanese artist Yuan Kuo (郭源元) stood up to share her #MeToo experience and also accused Blackie of sexual harassment – twice. Although she does not have any evidence to back up her claims, she want to stand in solitary with Da Ya.

    Sources: Instagram/@yuankuoyuan/Weibo/@黑人建州

    Yuan Kuo shared her traumatic experience on Facebook with just a black picture with the words #metoo. In the long post, she wrote that the first time she was sexually harassed by the TV host was in his office. Blackie mentioned that he wanted to pass her something, but he suddenly hugged her from behind. He then requested for kisses. With not much of the choice because of their size differences, the artist relented so she could leave the office immediately.

    The second time happened under the same context. Blackie gave the same excuse to meet up with her privately. In order to avoid a similar situation like the first, she insisted on picking up the gifts at the side of the road. “This is the ‘safest’ method I could think of at that time.” Big mistake.

    Blackie parked his car in the middle of a huge crossroad when it came the time to meet. Cars were honking at them for being an obstruction, so Yuan Kuo got into his car in a panic. In a state of confusion, she was brought a ‘house’ where the hunky TV host fed her whiskey.

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    Source: Facebook/@郭源元

    She recalled being lifted up and was brought into a room and thrown onto a bed. In the midst of struggling, she felt his junk against her and started screaming. This prompted Blackie to let her go. After that incident, Blackie pretended as if nothing had happened. Yuan Kuo shared that the pain and embarrassment she felt from being sexually harassed was depressing, to say the least.

    “We all want these bad people to get what they deserve, but we are scared to standup for it. Being that person is not easy, and it’s too painful. Each and everyone one of you who have stood up is truly admirable. Big Tooth, thank you! I no longer feel the need to think about whether I should forgive Blackie or not, because this incident have long passed,” she added towards the end.

    On the other hand, mixed Japanese and Taiwanese singer Makiyo Kawashima (川島茉樹代) mentioned on a TV show before that Blackie would recklessly kiss females when he was drunk. However, she backtracked on her past comment. It reads, “There’s one report which is wrong! Because Blackie Chen is a teetotal, the one drinking are the girls around him. Let me emphasise, Brother Blackie does not drink any alcohol, since I’ve known him, he’s never drink.”

    At first, Makiyo was criticised for not siding with Big Tooth as a female, but some netizens realised that her post had a lot of emojis unrelated to the content and suspected that she was just being sarcastic. She even reacted to some of the netizens comments attacking her with a big thumbs up and the laughing emoji.

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    As many more stand up against Blackie Chen and call him out as a sexual predator, we hope that eventually, the truth will be revealed.

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