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Monday, June 17, 2024
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    “That’s Why She’s Called Baby”: Baby Shima Seen Drinking From Baby Bottle


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    There is a class of “celebrities” who are famous for their antics, more than their talents. They tend to thrive on viral issues and controversies – Baby Shima is one of them. She was previously called out for posting a video of her with a dog. In addition, the dangdut singer was also infamous for her suggestive dance moves and also her sexy fashion choices.

    In a video shared on her Instagram recently, Shima was seen strolling around a shopping mall. “Tired of walking. I feel thirsty,” she wrote in the caption. The video also shows the former “Big Stage” contestant drinking the viral Water Love Bay Flavoured yogurt drink.

    Interestingly, this yoghurt drink is packaged as a baby bottle, complete with a teat that can be sucked on. Prior to this, Shima also shared her review of this beverage brand on one of her previous posts on IG. “I saw the drink from afar. It looks so cute, I’m buying this,” said the “Pura-Pura Bujang” video. According to Shima, the drink tastes sour and sweet.

    The comments section was flooded with plenty of reactions from fans. Some of them were entertained by the sight of Shima drinking from the baby bottle, saying “that’s why she’s called baby“. On the other hand, there were also a few who accused her of deliberately stirring controversy with her post online. In addressing the matter, she explained to Kosmo, “Why would it be controversial? I was only telling my followers that the drink is unique. That’s it.”

    While it wasn’t specifically mentioned, gimmicks like these are usually the fastest way to draw attention on their sponsored content.

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