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Wednesday, June 19, 2024
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    (Video) Actress Fatin Afeefa’s Husband Shows Off Luxury Car; Turns Out License Plate Was “Stolen”?


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    Actress Fatin Afeefa’s husband Aliff Awang, also known as Opai, was in hot waters earlier this month after Johor Prince Abdul Rahman called him out for allegedly labelling non-luxurious cars as “shit”.

    It looks like the famous entrepreneur has gotten into some trouble again after word got out that the license plate on his luxurious McLaren car was not even registered under his name. Here’s the full story:


    A Facebook page called SCRUT recently accused Fatin Afeefa’s husband of owning a “stolen” license plate. In the reposted version of the original (now-deleted) Facebook post, the admin wrote that the ‘QPA1’ license plate on Opai’s McLaren car is not registered under his name but by a company called Revenue Scope Sdn. Bhd.

    The admin also posted a screenshot of the supposed owner of the license plate to imply that the controversial trader was simply borrowing the car to “show off” his wealth. “I did more digging and discovered that the original owner of the license plate is Abd Hafiz bin Ab Wasa so what is Opai trying to pull here?” the admin wrote.

    According to Berita Harian, Road Transport Department Malaysia (JPJ) confirmed that the license plate indeed does not belong to the celebrity and urged the real owner to file a police report. “It is an offense to display a registration number that does not belong to the vehicle in question according to Section 108(3)(F) of the Road Transport Act (APJ) 1987,” a representative told the media.

    Opai, who is currently in the hospital after he was allegedly beaten by Honda fans, posted his side of the story in an IG story yesterday (Sunday, 18th June). “The license plate was only used for our wedding. I don’t even drive with the license plate on. JPJ didn’t call me for anything. So enough with using my name to go viral, I’m sure everyone is sick of it already,” he said.

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    At the time of writing, JPJ has yet to respond to Opai’s IG statement. There is also currently no update on whether the original owner of the license plate has come forward to do a police report. Guess we’ll have to wait and find out how this story unfolds.

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