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Tuesday, June 25, 2024
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    (Video) Did HK Singer Jacky Cheung Tear A Hole In His Pants While Doing The Splits On Stage?


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    When legendary Hong Kong singer, Jacky Cheung (张学友), announced that he was going to hold a concert in Malaysia, and six at that, local fans were hyped beyond words. As expected, his concert tickets were sold out in under a couple of hours after they were open for sale.

    As fans in Malaysia await the arrival of the legend, fans in China had the privilege to experience Jacky’s concert first. On 9th June 2023, the singer held his first concert in Macao. Since then, fans have been constantly sharing their experiences of his concerts online. One particular moment from his concert went viral on Weibo, with netizens refusing to believe that the singer is now 61 years old.

    Source: Weibo/@环球音乐集团

    After singing one of his famous songs, Jacky had a small interaction session with his fans. Occasionally, he will use his age as a joke to amuse the crowd. Halfway through this session, the famous vocalist suddenly surprised his fans by doing the splits on stage.

    A lot of fans were worried that the “Touch of Love” singer would tear his pants, especially since he wearing a smart black suit. However, as soon as he showed that he was able to do the splits successfully (without tearing his tight pants), the crowd went crazy and started to cheer non-stop.

    Turns out, the legend just wanted to prove that his physical strength and state were no different from when he was younger, and it seems he’s as young as he could be.

    Source: Weibo/@ba哥专用

    After the video went viral, many netizens were in complete disbelief when they heard about Jacky’s age. Some were impressed by the singer’s flexibility, whereas others made joking comments under the post.

    • “Is Jacky Heung the one who’s 60 years old, or am I the one who’s 60 years old?”
    • “He’s so young!”
    • “I was so scared that he will tear his pants.”

    We think the legend himself did show us through the video that age is literally just a number. Who knows? Maybe we might get to see this moment reenacted in real life when Jacky Heung visits Malaysia in August for his upcoming concert.

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