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Tuesday, June 18, 2024
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    (Video) HK Actor Bosco Wong Treats His Vintage Cars “Like My Wives”; Not Keen On Having Kids


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    Ever since his TVB debut in 1999, Hong Kong actor Bosco Wong (黄宗泽) has made a name for himself in the acting industry. Many love him for his acting skills and goofy personality. However, even at 42-years-old, he is living life at his own pace, with no rush of getting married.

    Recently, Bosco was invited as a special guest on a talk show hosted by HK actress Harriet Yeung (楊詩敏) and singer Shiga Lin (连诗雅). During the episode, he shared about his interests and what he looks for in a partner. Apparently, the actor loves collecting vintage cars as a hobby and currently owns a couple with the most expensive one worth more than HK$3mil (RM1.79mil)!

    Source: Instagram/@boscomine

    At a young age, Bosco loved playing with tin cars. Eventually, his hobbies followed him into adulthood and he got into collecting vintage cars. “Since young, I’ve always thought that vintage cars are really beautiful. I would also find sport cars beautiful, but when you ask me whether I have the urge to buy a sports car, maybe not. However, when I see a vintage car, I would stare at it and start drooling,” he said.

    The well-loved actor shared that he would look after the cars as though they are his ‘wives’. “Even a tiny scratch is unacceptable. If there were any kind of damages, I would get someone to fix it immediately.” He also has a few rules for his friends who want to drive his priced possessions. “I would insist repeatedly for them to take it slow and be careful. I would also teach them step-by-step on how they should seat themselves in the car.” 

    Source: YouTube/ChillGOOD TV

    One interesting habit Bosco shared is whenever he has insomnia, the actor would hop into his vintage car at night for comfort. “Sometimes, I would start up the engine to hear the sounds (of the car), and even take in the leather smell. It’s actually very addicting!”

    At the moment, Bosco owns 8 cars, but not all of them are vintage. His collection consists of a car for work, a few branded cars that are no longer in use, and vintage cars. He recalled that his first ever vintage car was a MG. “It’s really cheap and it cost around HK$100k (~RM60k). After I bought it, I’ve showcased the car at an antique car exhibition at Chater Road.” On the talk show, he also shared that the most expensive vintage car is worth up to HK$3mil (RM1.79mil). Ironically, that’s not even his favourite vehicle.

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    Source: YouTube/ChillGOOD TV

    As for his criteria for a future partner, Bosco said, “She needs to be cheerful, dutiful and independent. She can’t be too clingy, I can’t stand that, and she can’t be overly coquettish.” Having a common interest in cars as well is a plus point for him. His potential future spouse need to get his mother’s approval before anything else, and according to his tone, it may be quite a high hurdle to pass.

    When asked whether he wanted kids, the actor mentioned that he have never really thought about having kids after marriage. “I’m fine with having no children. This might be because I was raised in a single-parent family. It’s just a guess though,” he added.

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