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Monday, June 17, 2024
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    (Video) Local YouTuber Fiona Lim Breaks Up With French Boyfriend After 5 Years


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    Do you believe in fate? Fate works in really miraculous ways. One moment, you are just enjoying life by yourself, and the next, it brings you someone who would change your life forever. Many people believe that the reason they are able to meet their significant other now is because of fate.

    Malaysian YouTuber, Fiona Lim (菲歐娜) also believed that fate brought her together with her French lover, Ku (酷). Sadly, she announced in a video yesterday (25th June) that her 5 years relationship with her now ex-boyfriend has ended.

    Sources: Instagram/@fiona.__.fifi/YouTube/@FioNa FiFi菲歐娜

    In the video titled “We broke up…”, Fiona shared that she and Ku have ended their relationship on a peaceful note. The reason why she decided to record such a video is to avoid unnecessary guesses from the audience since there will be significant changes to her future videos. One, those videos will not have Ku in them anymore and two, her filming location will change too.

    As for the reason behind the breakup, the YouTuber confessed that her ex thinks that she is not the right person for him. “At the thinking stage of life, he realised that I’m not the right one. He was worried that we would waste each other’s time if we continued on in this relationship. After considering for a long time, he decided that splitting up is the best choice.” 

    When thinking about the relationship she had with Ku, Fiona also realised that she did not have the confidence to ‘change’ into the ex’s ideal partner, and neither did she want to because she loves the person she is right now. So, she respected his choice to breakup wholeheartedly.

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    Source: YouTube/@FioNa FiFi菲歐娜

    As her first-ever relationship, Fiona couldn’t help but shed tears knowing that this relationship is over. Of the 10 years in which she lived in Taiwan, half of those years were spent with Ku by her side. Now, she has to pack up and move away from the house the two have lived together in for 4 years.

    “I know that finding someone who would love me as much as I love them is really hard, that’s why I really cherish this relationship. However, I can’t do anything about it since my ‘fate’ (with him) has ended. I sincerely hoped that he will find happiness. I’m really thankful for his care, trust, security, and unwavering love these 5 years.”

    We wish Fiona all the best in her future endeavors. Watch the full video below:

    YouTube video

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