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Monday, June 17, 2024
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    (Video) Sarawak Internet Celeb ALUK 榴莲zaiii Disgusts Netizens By Eating A Live Cockroach


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    Very few people like cockroaches. For good reason, cockroaches are disgusting! Hence why local internet celebrity ALUK 榴莲zaiii gave his fans a shock when he ate one live.

    The internet celebrity from Sarawak recently treated his fans to a short video of him eating a cockroach while it was alive. Needless to say, everyone, including fellow internet celeb Bryan Wee, were quick to call him out for being disgusting!

    Source: Instagram/@aluk_77

    ALUK 榴莲zaiii has apparently been taking on crazy dares from netizens for a while now. However, while most will back down when challenged to eat a cockroach, the emboldened 19-year-old saw no harm in carrying out the dare. The video, uploaded to his socials on 9th June, showed him reading a challenge he had received. “Put a cockroach in your mouth and bite (down)!” he said aloud before looking at the camera. “So easy!

    The internet celebrity certainly made it look easy as he used a plastic bag to snatch up two cockroaches from the ground. However, it seems he faltered at actually putting it in his mouth. He had one prepared in a cup, even picked it up with a pair of chopsticks, but stop short of actually eating it. Several clips showed him gagging when he brought the cockroach near as he tried to work up the courage to actually put it in.

    Source: Instagram/@aluk_77

    When he finally dropped it in, he spat it out immediately, and we can’t blame him for the visceral reaction. As he didn’t actually complete the challenge, he then had to do it a second time with the second cockroach. “It’s still moving,” he observed prior to eating it. This time, he did snap his teeth down on it before spitting it out again. “My hands and legs are trembling,” he shared later before quickly ending the video.

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    Netizens were quick to flood ALUK 榴莲zaiii’s comments with their thoughts about the video. “(Stupid) people do (stupid) things,” one comment read, while another said: “Yo, you are so brave.” One also asked to hear his current girlfriend’s thoughts about it after she watched the video. Known influencer Bryan Wee even put his two cents in, saying: “You are the craziest. (I’ll) unfollow you, thank you.

    Source: Instagram/@aluk_77
    Source: Instagram/@aluk_77

    As it turns out, this isn’t ALUK 榴莲zaiii’s craziest stunt. He previously drank toilet water and licked cat poop, which would explain why he noted in the video that the cockroaches “smelled worse than cat poop“. Still, we do wonder where he will draw the line for his challenges.

    Well, we sincerely hope ALUK 榴莲zaiii doesn’t fall sick from putting the cockroaches in his mouth. And hopefully, he’ll think twice before accepting another crazy challenge— some things just aren’t worth the hype. In the meantime, we’re sure you know, but for safety sake, please don’t eat cockroaches.

    Watch the video here (viewer discretion advised, do not try this at home):

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