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Wednesday, June 19, 2024
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    What Lee Jing Lei Stands To Gain From Her Messy Divorce With Wang Leehom? US$10 Mil?


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    After a year and a half of constant fighting and throwing accusations, the divorce lawsuit between Taiwanese celebrity couple Lee Jing Lei (李靓蕾) and Wang Leehom (王力宏) has finally come to a conclusion. At long last, the two have settled their messy divorce!

    Just last month, Jing Lei was sharing with her fans how this lawsuit have affected her life severely. Now, she is able to catch a breather when the New York court ruled that her divorce with Leehom have been approved. Moving forward, their court battle will be moved to the Taipei District Court.

    Source: Mirror Media

    Although the court has reached a final decision, both party’s respective lawyers have given opposing statements. The only certain fact is that Leehom is going to be the one to bear the litigation lawyer fee of the other party, and that fee was estimated to exceed one million Taiwan dollars (almost RM150k).

    According to Jing Lei’s lawyer, Leehom was ruled as the party at fault, that is why he must compensate for his ex-wife’s litigation attorney fees. Whereas, Leehom’s lawyer made the following contradicting statement, “The court did not find Mr. Wang Leehom to be the one at fault in this divorce, both parties based their judgment on the legal divorce agreement.” He also mentioned that Jing Lei requested for a huge sum of 10 million US dollars but was rejected.

    Source: Instagram/@jl.leilei

    In respond to the earlier statement, Jing Lei’s lawyer responded again emphasising on the following 4 points:

    1. Wang Leehom and Lee Jing Lei agreed to divorce and they were recently granted the permission to divorce by the United States court.

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    2. The court, without a doubt, ruled Wang Leehom as the party at fault, and he must compensate for the legal fees incurred by Lee Jing Lei. It is write in ‘black and white’.

    3. Lee Jing Lei has voluntarily given up fighting for any of the properties that belongs to her ex-husband. She has not obtained any properties under Wang Leehom’s name for the divorce, even the house mentioned in his apology letter in December is still under Leehom’s name.

    4. Lee Jing Lei did not ask for 10 million US dollars. The real reason why the lawsuit was prolonged is because Wang Leehom lost the lawsuit in July last year and appealed to the court early August. Apparently the singer has refused to pay the family maintenance like stated in the agreement late August.

    “If even judicial facts can be fabricated, then there will be no justice in the world,” the lawyer added. Like how this divorce lawsuit started out to be really messy, looks like its conclusion is not any different.

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