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Wednesday, June 19, 2024
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    13 Romantic Cafes Where You Can Get All Valentine’s On Your Boo’s A** Today!


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    The day of LURVE is finally here, and we can’t help but give in to the yearly rush of love, and swoon over loving couples from a distance. With the special day in full swing, we’re pretty sure every couple is fussing over what to wear, what to buy and most importantly, where to eat!

    Since the best way to someone’s heart is through their stomach, looking for the ideal spot for a Valentine’s Day date is technically hard, because we’re all spoilt for choice. But since fine dining and fancy restaurants sound like the most cliched thing to do, why not go for cafes instead? They’re not only romantic, aesthetic and have great food options, they also won’t burn a hole in your pocket!

    We’ve got 13 cafe suggestions for you and your special someone to try out today!

    Lisette’s Café & Bakery

    From Bangsar to Empire Subang, Lisette Café & Restaurant has established quite a presence in the Klang Valley – and recently, it opened a new outlet at 163 Retail Park. Lisette’s takes pleasure in producing wholesome and nutrient-dense cuisine, and they seek out natural and organic products whenever possible. This location exudes a nostalgic and romantic vibe because of its spaciousness, earthy décor, wooden furnishings, exposed-brick bar counters, rattan lamp shades, and more. A wide variety of items are available on the menu, including bread, pastries, cakes, tarts, salad, sandwiches, hot main dishes, pastas, hamburgers, and breakfast options. They also have a big selection of beverages.

    Keopi & Sul

    In Mont Kiara, there is a cosy new café bistro with Korean influences called Keopi & Sul. This is THE place to be if you and your partner are in a mood for some hearty Korean bowls and coffee. Although the name Keopi & Sul (Sul is Korean for alcohol) suggests coffee and alcohol, the menu offers non-alcoholic beverages. Keopi & Sul is known for offering extremely adorable drinks topped with rose petals, ice cream, and even puppy-shaped espresso ice cubes. A must-try item is their Magic Yuzu, an iced beverage made with Butterfly Peas and Yuzu Jam. Besides Korean delights, Keopi & Sul also has a fair variety of pastries and cakes.

    Hornbill Restaurant & Cafe

    Even if you have no date, this place has plenty of “feathered” dates for you!

    Looking for a spot with a tropical setting? Look no further than Hornbill Restaurant & Café, located in the KL Bird Park. It’s a must-stop where you can get up close and personal with a variety of birds, including the Rhino Hornbills. Up in the beautiful rainforest of the KL Bird Park, this eatery offers a casual eating experience. This location’s unusual yet understated Malay Kampung House architecture ensures that diners will have a cozy and rustic experience. You can sample a variety of local and international dishes on offer.

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    Nippori Bistro

    Nippori Bistro is housed in a finely furnished room with high ceilings and opulent furniture that give off the impression that you’re entering a British colonial home. A huge painting of a curvy Mona Lisa holding a glass of wine is the focal point of the café. The cuisine at Nippori Bistro features imaginative Japanese dishes with a European touch, such as salmon mentai sushi, wagyu pizzas, and udon tossed in classic Italian sauces. Additionally, there is a French bakery counter with cakes and other sweets to sate your sweet tooth.

    Kopi Jiran

    Visit Kopi Jiran and take a trip back in time to the 1960s. Located in a peaceful area in Kajang, Kopi Jiran is a modest, home-based café with furnishings, kitchenware, music and décor that bring back memories of the 60s. You’ll adore this cafe’s cozy and pleasant garden, even though it may not be as glitzy as other cafés in the area. Just sit at one of their tables under a canopy of lush trees, enjoy your coffee and your preferred pastry, and just vibe with the cozy atmosphere.

    Wu Di Cafe

    Wu Di Café, a favourite among those with a soft spot for white exteriors and minimalist eateries, is located in Bukit Bintang. Step inside this historic structure, which dates to the 1920s, and you’ll find yourself in a quaint room with custom-made rattan furniture, brick walls, exposed beams, and a tonne of Zen, Instagram-worthy corners. Even better, the café has a rooftop outdoor seating area with unobstructed views of the cityscape of KL! Balinese food with Italian influences, as well as other regional and international cuisines, are served at Wu Di Café. Wu Di also sells kombucha, soda, tea, and chocolate beverages in addition to coffee.

    The Hungry Tapir

    Why not try something new with your sweetheart on Valentine’s Day? Enjoy delicious vegan fare at The Hungry Tapir, a buzzing plant-based eatery tucked in a historic building in the centre of Petaling Street. This restaurant is decorated with pops of vivid pink, monochromatic sofas, and potted plants that make it an IG-worthy location, so make sure you also grab your phone to take special photos here. The café offers a balanced menu of plant-based foods that include Western and Asian snacks, all-day breakfast options, major dishes, and desserts. It is a haven for both vegans and vegetarians, but also a fun place to date if you’re looking for something new. If you have fur babies, bring them along and head to the pink terraced section reserved for pet owners. It’s definitely a pet-friendly date spot.

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    The Lemon Tree 

    Energetic, cheery and all yellow! Brunch at The Lemon Tree this Valentine’s!

    This café has taken over social media, drawing in cafe-hoppers, families, couples, and foodies with their stunning interior and great selection of freshly-made pastries. Every nook in this room is Instagram-worthy thanks to the large glass windows, domed ceiling, and enormous lemon tree that serves as the focal point of the sunny, bright area. Dining Victorian-era style offers you a feeling of being in Europe. From the standard French Butter Croissant to a variety of flavoured croissants, the Lemon Tree menu offers a great selection of sweet and savoury pastries. It’s a necessity to try their lemon. But in addition to their high-quality pastries, you can also savour their filling supper. The Lemon Tree has two outlets: Menara Lien Hoe, Tropicana and Parkroyal Collection KL (both are definitely worth the visit)

    Café Ame Soeur

    If you can’t fly to France, at least dine in a French café!

    Café Ame Soeur is a French-themed outlet with a variety of delectable cuisine situated in Bukit Jalil. If the word “soulmate” in its name doesn’t already scream romantic, we don’t know what does! Wait until you step inside the café to realize how inconspicuous it initially appears to be. The inside of the café is exquisitely furnished with full-length mirrors along the wall and hanging crystal chandeliers, with a strong Victorian influence. The cafe’s baroque designs and gold embellishments, which are found everywhere, give off a genuinely regal air. No matter what time of day you choose to visit, this café has you covered with food ranging from brunch, lunch and even desserts.

    Yew Yew

    The coffee, pastries, and cakes at this lovely, Insta-worthy outlet are deserving of a visit. Yew Yew is a cozy little café located in the centre of Kuala Lumpur that specializes in freshly made coffee, decadent cakes, and pastries. This small nook offers street views from its window seats and integrates seamlessly with the lovely ancient shophouses of Jalan Sultan. The Yew Yew KL menu is simple: pastries and cakes for meals, coffee and juices for beverages. So it’s more of a place to unwind while enjoying a simple cup of tea. However, the café is quite small, so if you want to eat in and relax by the window, schedule your visit for a time when it’s not too busy.

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    Foo Foo Fine Dessert

    Without dessert, a delicious meal frequently feels lacking. This wonderful café, created especially for dessert lovers, is the perfect place to eat if you’re on the sweeter side this Valentine’s Day. Foo Foo, the brains behind these delectable treats, and Jack, an architect by training, are the owners of the café. Together, they collaborated to design a dessert café that embodies their individual views on food. Foo Foo Fine Dessert is special, because it serves traditional desserts that are equally as distinctive and lovely on their own, while most fine dessert cafés compete to serve the current version of plated desserts with all the extra parts.

    Elephant Republic

    Despite being right in the middle of bustling KL, Elephant Republic exudes a quiet and tranquil air and is a wonderful addition to this lively Bukit Bintang area. This trendy new café is well-known for its coconut-infused beverages, which range from iced coconut lattes to espressos made with coconut milk and beverages topped with coconut flakes. An excellent place to rest your legs after a local shopping excursion is this café. As soon as you enter, you’ll feel as though you’ve been whisked away to a cheerful café in Bali or Bangkok, which appears like a quick getaway from the hectic city life. Elephant Republic has a stunning atmosphere that brilliantly combines minimalist aesthetics with elements of nature.

    Kedai Coklat

    Anything that spells “chocolate” can never go wrong on V-day. Kedai Coklat, a local chocolate shop founded by the people behind Cocoraw, a producer of incredible chocolate truffles, is a chocolate lover’s paradise. This welcoming local hangout in SS2 is a delightful spot for chocoholic-friendly desserts as well as chocolate bars, tarts, cakes, spreads, cookies, and hand-crafted drinks. Kedai Coklat is the perfect date spot for sweet affairs this Valentine’s.

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