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Tuesday, June 25, 2024
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    AppeTHAIsing: 10 Of The Best Thai Food Spots In The Klang Valley!


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    Sawadeekap, fellow Thai food lovers!

    If you’re currently craving Thai food (like us), you’ve come to the right spot. When it comes to flavour characteristics, Thai food is as distinctive and divisive as they come: a perfect fusion of spicy, sour, sweet, and savoury all in one bite. Thai cuisine has been a staple of Malaysian cuisine for years and is unquestionably one of the top choices for Malaysians.

    So if you’re hankering for superb Thai food right now, but don’t know where to go, we gotchu! Check out the list below:

    Thai Hou Sek

    Thai Hou Sek is a restaurant that specializes in Thai street cuisine. It was founded as a result of a 1995 trip to Bangkok, where it is simple to get Thai-Chinese comfort food everywhere. Thai Hou Sek provides a large selection of Thai cuisine, including wok-fried rice with roast pork and veggies, crispy roast pork served with tamarind sauce, fresh mango salad, steamed fish and clams in spicy lime sauce, and more. It also offers creative beverages, such as the Tom Yum Crazy, a concoction of lemongrass, ginger, and lime. As for dessert, Thai Hou Sek has introduced four types of new ice cream dishes, namely Black Pearl Beauty, Sticky Mango Taco, Tropical Dream and Thai Milk Tea Sando.

    Kron Thai Cuisine

    Kron Thai Cuisine is a newly opened Thai restaurant located at Taman Segar (near Leisure Mall) which serves pork-free and Muslim-friendly meals. Their menu is quite extensive as they have an assortment of fish, chicken and seafood dishes, and even desserts. If you’re dining in a group of 4-5 people, we suggest you go with their set meal, which comes with 5 servings of rice, seafood tom yam, mixed mushroom with basil leaf, green papaya salad, pandan wrap chicken, egg tau fu with minced chicken, and kailan with garlic. This set also comes with a jug of pandan water and a jug of lemongrass water. This set meal is worth it, because the portions may look small, but they’re actually more than enough to feed five people. Other sides we’ve tried out include the enoki fried mushroom and Thai curry paste squids. What we loved the most was the tom yam soup. Its spicy and sour level was just perfect. As for dessert, we recommend going for the mango sticky rice and red ruby. The ambience of the restaurant is warm and comfortable, and the service is really good.

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    Rama V

    Rama V is an award-winning restaurant well known for its stunning setting and superb Thai cuisine. While floating above a sizable pond of lotus blossoms, this restaurant offers an innovative yet authentic fine dining experience with a mix of traditional, age-old Thai cuisine and a hint of a modern twist.

    Rama V, the first fine dining Thai establishment in Kuala Lumpur, was founded two decades ago. It’s set in a charming cottage, tucked away from the city. The interior design of Rama V is influenced by a fusion of Thai history and contemporary elegance. The patterns on the plates used also follow this motif. You can sample the restaurant’s chef’s specialties here, like yellow prawn curry with betel leaf, sautéed beef with young peppercorns, and steamed sea bass in manow sauce. As an additional option, you can pair your meal with special Thai cocktails.

    Veg Fish Thai Farm

    Hidden in a lush, green forest setting, Veg Fish Thai Farm is a world of authentic Thai cuisine and delicacies. This pork-free Thai restaurant serves a long list of seafood and meat dishes – free-range chicken, fish, prawns, lala, squid, snails and oysters, and more. The food is fresh, tasty and worth the price. With a huge lake in the center and lush green trees around, you’ll have the best and peaceful Thai dining experience. Parking is hassle-free, as there are ample parking lots. Finding this restaurant is easy during the day but at night, it can be slightly difficult as the road gets super dark. However, night is the ideal time to visit, as you get to dine under the stars and beautiful lights. The best part of this restaurant is, at a small corner right at the entrance, you’ll find Thai delicacies too. You can choose to have them then and there or pack some home if you haven’t had enough of Thai food. As its name suggest, this restaurant has its own fish farm, so while you wait for your food to arrive, you can feed the fishes too.

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    Mr. Tuk Tuk

    Across Malaysia, the chain restaurant Mr. Tuk Tuk offers inexpensive Thai food. This chain is not a stranger to most, but if it is to you, we suggest trying their sets meals. It includes rice, a delectable serving of pandan chicken, and a crisp mango salad. A must-try item in Thailand is the Thai milk tea, which is also a national staple. It’s a must to try the tom yum soup here, too. Although it’s really hot and has the right flavour, you can ask to have the level of spice changed to suit your preferences if you have a low tolerance for heat. Another favourite item at Mr. Tuk Tuk is the pineapple fried rice served in an actual pineapple.

    Absolute Thai

    Searching for the greatest Thai food that is suitable for any season? Then you should consider Absolute Thai. For casual dating nights or family get-togethers, Absolute Thai is the spot to be. If you enjoy spicy food, we suggest visiting this restaurant, because the green curry is the best! Don’t forget to sample some of its appetisers – you’ll be delighted. Unlike other Thai restaurants, Absolute Thai even has an extensive selection of kid-friendly items on the menu.

    Nong & Jimmy Thai BBQ Restaurant

    You’ll feel like you’re eating in Thailand when you eat at Nong & Jimmy Thai Restaurant in Ampang, thanks to its exceptional BBQ cooking. This is the perfect time to go if you’re wanting traditional Thai food; its front-row specialties include the perennially loved crab meals, grilled squids, a range of som tam selections, and the greatest fried rice you’ve ever had. Locating the restaurant is super easy. There’s a giant board with the crab saying Nong & Timmy on it, so you can’t miss it!

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    Amarin Heavenly Thai 

    Amarin Heavenly Thai

    If you usually take pictures before digging in, the food here is surely a feast for your eyes. Amarin Heavenly Thai is one of the best Thai restaurants in town, where the food is as beautifully plated as it is delicious. Some of its signatures we suggest tasting are steam siakap with chillie and lime, seafood omelet oyster, kangkung belacan, steamed squid with chillies, garlic and lime, pandan leaf chicken and of course, the tom yum. Every mouthful is overflowing with flavour, both sweet and savoury.

    SOI 55 Thai Kitchen

    SOI 55 Thai Restaurant, located in the centre of SS15, is constantly crowded with people who enjoy Thai food. Delicious Thai dishes including Tom Yum Goong, pandan leaf chicken, stir-fried kangkong, and others are served at this distinctive Thai restaurant. It would be interesting to observe if this dish is presented in a real pineapple if you choose their sour yet flavorful pineapple fried rice. Try their seafood otak-otak, which is composed of delectably prepared fresh and delicious prawns served inside a coconut husk. Also, their freshly caught fish is used to make their steamed fish with garlic and lime, which has a delicate texture and a sweet flavour that will leave you craving more.

    Tamarind Hills

    Tamarind Hill Restaurant is renowned for being a gourmet haven in the middle of Kuala Lumpur. It strikes the ideal mix between modern and conventional ideas. Since its opening in 1999, the restaurant’s owner and head chef, Piyun Thongyun, has worked hard to uphold its reputation as the city’s premier Thai restaurant. The menu offers dishes from Thailand and Myanmar, such as a combination of fish, red dry curry, and river crab. Everything is spicy, vibrant, and mouthwatering. And in 2023, Tamarind Hills is one of the Michelin Selected Restaurants, so it’s all the more reason for you to check it out.

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