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Monday, June 17, 2024
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    Citi Cafe Review: You’ll Get Citi-sfaction With This Glorious Buffet!


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    Let the sunset feasting begin! The month of fasting is almost here – so have you picked the best spot for your meals after fasting for a day? If you’re still on the hunt, then we have a treat in store for you.

    If you’re sniffing around for a delicious feast with a distinctly Malaysian flavour, the Citarasa Buffet Dinner at Citi Café, Cititel Mid Valley offers a wide range of native dishes, traditional main courses, favourite sweets, and other delights. Citi Café is virtually brimming with a finger-licking good spread of traditional, contemporary, local and international dishes.

    For starters, you can dine your way through filling appetizers that include hawker favourites like pisang goreng, cekodok pisang, and keledek. These fried culinary icons are sweet and crispy, which will make you go back for more. Don’t forget to try Ramadan staples like roti john, murtabak, and satay.

    Our favourite was definitely the roti john. It was so flavourful, with perfectly buttered buns that tasted so good. They come in bite sizes which make them easier to eat. The murtabak was also good. They contained generous amounts of meat and weren’t too oily. Even without the sauce, they were really tasty.

    For mains, you can help yourself to rendang ayam Pak Nizam, lala masak kam heong, oxtail asam pedas, ketam goreng berempah, terung berlada, udang masak nenas and fish head curry. First, we tried the oxtail asam pedas. It was a flavourful dish and a definite must try! The meat was tender and juicy. Then we tried the seafood selection, lala kam heong and ketam goreng berempah. Both were delicious. The sauce had a balanced flavour. But the lala might have been slightly over-cooked.

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    The rendang ayam Pak Nizam was also good. Tender and full of flavour, but probably a bit spicy (one of our colleagues has low tolerance for spiciness!). Last but not least, terung berlada. The brinjals looked tempting and the sauce was really nice. However, they should have cooked the brinjals a little longer to make them more tender. We paired these dishes with a mixture of white and briyani rice.

    They also served soup tulang rawan, a beef bone marrow soup with condiments like sliced beef, sum sum tulang, tulang rawan, perut, limau purut and coriander. The soup is boiling hot and all your have to do is pick your condiments and top them with the boiling soup. We expected the soup to taste flavourful, but to us, it had a hint of bitterness. We’re guessing the soup just has a very strong flavour.

    For a Western take, you MUST try their roast lamb. The roast lamb is best served with both black pepper and mushroom sauce, in our opinion. And go with their mint sauce on top of the roast lamb if you want something minty and fresh. We all loved the lamb, and kept going back for more. You can taste the incredible juice and flavour of the lamb. It was easy to chew the meat because it was so tender. This was easily on our top 3 favourite dishes at this eatery. We really enjoyed it!

    The next part is always our favourite: DESSERTS!

    You’ll be amazed by all the desserts served at the buffet in Citi Cafe. They have assorted mini cakes, various puddings, cendol, jellies, and even ice creams. Our top 3 favourite cakes were the orange cake, pandan cake and red velvet. Usually, at hotel buffets, it’s hard to get cakes that taste good. They end up being so dry or just lack flavour. But the cakes at Citi Cafe were excellent.

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    After having a few good cakes, we went for ice cream. The buffet offered 4 basic flavours, which were vanilla, chocolate, strawberry and a mix of vanilla-chocolate. To enhance our ice cream, they even offered various toppings like crushed peanuts, chocolate chips, white chocolate chips and coloured rice. We recommend the crushed peanuts because the ice cream tasted exactly like the 50 sen ice creams cones we loved as kids.

    For beverages, the buffet offers a variety of tasty juices like sirap bandung, jagung, sirap limau, cincau, cendol and mata kucing. All the juices were ice cold and super refreshing.

    We had a fantastic time at Citi Cafe. Both the environment and the cuisine were excellent. The restaurant’s location and ambience added to the warmth and invitingness of the entire establishment. So be sure to pick Citi Cafe as your go-to location during the Holy month.

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