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Tuesday, June 25, 2024
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    Food Review: Monroe At KLoé Hotel’s Exquisite Noms & Snazzy Ambience Floored Us!


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    Looking for comfort food based on classic fare served at NYC diners and LA cafes? Then Monroe in Kuala Lumpur is the dining establishment for you!

    Tucked within KLoé Hotel, a striking 85-room home-away-from-home boutique accommodation in Bukit Bintang, Monroe is one of the city’s best-kept secrets. The modern-American restaurant was designed by Singapore firm Wynk Collaborative, with New York City diners and Los Angeles cafes as inspiration, tastefully blending geometric mosaic flooring, wicker-backed chairs and bentwood counter seats with gleaming marble, eggshell tiled walls and exposed concrete ceilings, creating a sleek yet casual vibe.

    So, what do they offer? At the moment, Monroe’s menu features a diverse selection of cuisines, from Hot Fried Chicken and Spicy Tuna Ssam to Potato Gnocchi and Xinjiang Braised Lamb. To learn more, we dropped by the restaurant recently – and here’s what we discovered:

    Serious Business Lunch Menu

    The current culinary highlight is the Serious Business Lunch Menu. For only RM36+, you can choose from 6 different types of American-inspired and Asian comfort speedy lunches that come with an iced cooler. From this menu, we first tried Burger & Fries. Angus chuck and brisket patty, caramelized onion, swiss cheese and special sauce on a milk bun, with crispy fries on the side – this burger was just epic. We really loved how soft and buttery the buns were. As for the patty, it was full of flavour and soaked with juice. With each bite, you can literally taste and feel the juice oozing out of the burger. The fries were perfectly prepared. They were hot, had so much flavour and were super crunchy. We liked how the burger was simple and clean and the sides were only fries, without having so much on the plate. Definitely an on-the-go kinda lunch we would grab at anytime.

    Next, we tried the Dan Dan Noodles. If you’re fond of Japanese food, or are simply looking for something less heavy for your afternoon meal, the Dan Dan Noodles might just be what you want. It’s a simple bowl of soba with steamed chicken and a salad, all mixed in. However, we have to admit, the star of this dish was definitely its nutty sauce. Combined with the light noodles and subtle sides, this sauce cohesively pulls all the flavours together while adding a bit of spiciness to the dish. A very tasty but easy-to-consume meal-in-a-bowl!

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    The third dish we had was the Hot Fried Chicken. We were told this is a must-try dish. As you would expect from fairly large-sized pieces of chicken, Monroe’s interpretation of an American Southern icon is moist and luscious. The original dish comes with two pieces of fried spicy spring chicken, but you can always add more from their menu. The chicken also comes with pickles, milk bread and cool ranch sauce. We can promise you that the crunch is of the pleasing variety and that the spice surprises you by kicking in as soon as you take your first mouthful. If you’re concerned that it could be too hot for you to handle, relax – the incredibly soft milk bread serves as a palette pleaser and the ranch sauce and pickles that go with it provide this fiery meal the ideal amount of sourness. The best way to eat this is by eating the chicken together with the pickle and ranch sauce. You’ll get this spicy, tangy and creamy taste all in one go.

    All Day Menu

    Apart from the Serious Lunch Business menu, you can also order from Monroe’s all-day menu that features a melting pot of Italian, Jewish, Mexican and Asian influences, along with a great choice of desserts. After we had our mains, we decided to go straight for desserts. The first that we tried was the Spiced Apple Cobbler. With handmade oat crumble, tangy granny smith apples, and vanilla ice cream à la mode, the dish was to die for. The warm oat crumble, which features flavours of sweetness, nuttiness, and saltiness, was unquestionably the star of the dish. Also, if you’re vegetarian, this dessert is a safe bet.

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    Next, we tried the PB & J Mille Crepe. How can PB&J possibly go wrong? This mille pancake cake is a must-have if you enjoy peanut butter. The rich, multi-layered dessert was the ideal way to round off our lunch. The mouthwatering cake is smooth, creamy, and unmistakably comforting with each delectable bite. Be sure to dunk your spoon into the blueberry jam and vanilla ice cream served on the side as you eat. We are confident that if you combine these factors, you will be left wanting more.

    Then we tried the French Toast. Although it sounds more like a breakfast thing, it sure fits in the dessert spot! You know how vegetarian cakes and pastries have a different taste and texture? Well, this French toast is vegetarian and we couldn’t tell the difference from regular French toast! It’s super soft, has a beautiful texture and is soaked with rich custard. Right on top, there’s a generous spread of citrus compote, whipped cream and a dust of powder sugar. Absolutely heart-warming and a favourite. Since it’s more on the sweet side, the citrus compote might be a hit or miss. If you don’t mind a hint of sourness, then it’s definitely a good combo. We’re obviously sweet tooths, so we preferred the toast without the citrus compote.


    As mentioned, the lunch set comes with iced coolers. We had two different iced coolers: Passionfruit Iced Tea and Coconut, Cucumber and Lime.

    Honestly, we really enjoyed the passionfruit iced tea. It has a cheery colour and lots of fresh pulp floating on the top. Taste-wise, it’s sweet and slightly sour at the same time. Overall, it was a refreshing drink and pairs well with any meal, especially heavy ones. The coconut, cucumber and lime cooler was a refreshing option made by combining fresh coconut water, cucumber, lime, and a little sugar syrup in a shaker. Although it was quite cooling, the taste of cucumber wasn’t too overpowering. The lime and coconut, in our opinion, would be fantastic on their own.

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    We even decided to try Monroe’s milkshakes! Our choices were the Monkey Business, Pineapple Orange and Drunken Monkey (alcohol). By its name, you’d probably guess the main ingredient, which is bananas. Monkey Business is made by combining banana cake, dates, milk, chocolate syrup and frozen bananas. As for the ice cream, it’s pretty much the same flavour. Since both the ice cream and milkshake has the same flavour, there isn’t anything to distinguish the taste. We felt it would be great if the ice cream comes in a different flavour, like chocolate or vanilla. The Pineapple Orange milkshake was a surprise for us. It has the right amount of sweetness and a hint of sourness from the pineapple. Both the flavour blended so well, making this milkshake a refreshing and yummy choice of beverage. If you want a pick me up drink after lunch, then Drunken Monkey is a good choice. Mind you, it contains whisky! The drink looks small, but it’s definitely strong enough to get you back on your feet.

    Overall, our experience at Monroe’s was fantastic. It’s the ideal location for all kinds of events and a great place to go for comfort cuisine. With captivating flavour pairings and thoughtfully-crafted taste profiles, its menu captivates the heart as well as the tongue. The atmosphere of this restaurant is also relaxing and close to nature, as the premises is surrounded by greenery. There’s even a pool where you can chill at. It goes without saying that the restaurant knows what it takes to keep customers coming back for more, in addition to having a friendly ambience and Instagrammable look. You know where to go if you want a dinner that will dazzle your senses.

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