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Wednesday, June 19, 2024
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    From Coolblog To Texas Chicken: The Tastiest NOSH Promotions This Week!


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    Another week, another listicle of curated nosh promotions!

    In this edition, we’re training a spotlight on new menus, mouthwatering beverage promotions, and little-known F&B outlets. So if you’re concerned that your gastronomic activities will taste a little bland in the coming week, we’re here to tell you that the flavours are forever! Bon appetite!


    Level up your magical experience with Fluffy Cloud Bits in your Magical Unicool smoothie! Coolblog ups the ante with their aesthetically-pleasing drink, Magical Unicool! For a limited time only with Magical Unicool, Coolblog will be offering Fluffy Cloud Bits as a topping to further enhance the taste of this vibrant-looking beverage.

    The Magical Unicool series comes in three flavours: Unicool Magical (a combination of strawberry and blue coral
    flavour), Unicool Dazzle (infused with yam and blue coral flavour) and Unicool Twinkle (a mixture of yam and strawberry flavour). To add to the dreaminess of the Unicorn-inspired smoothies, Coolblog elevates its fans’ experience with mini marshmallows full of fluffiness and colour. All three smoothies come with chewy
    brown sugar pearls, rainbow jelly and Fluffy Cloud Bits priced at RM10.90 each.

    Location: Coolblog Outlets



    Are you a sweet or salty popcorn fan? If you have a hankering for something salty with a sweet twist – you’re in for a treat! Enjoy the best of both worlds with mixed popcorn, which offers a burst of flavours from classic caramel and bold sea salt.

    GSC has introduced its all-new Sea Salt popcorn, which is now available at selected GSC locations nationwide. Made exquisitely from French sea salt, this new popcorn selection offers a well-rounded, refreshing, yet crisp flavour profile. Grab them now while stock lasts.

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    Location: Selected GSC branches

    Burger King

    Calling all spice lovers! Take on the heat with Burger King and their all-new Jalapeño Heat burgers. If you’re looking for an extra kick to your tastebuds, order BK’s Chilli Whopper® or Chilli Cheese Tendergrill.

    Make your meal a set and get a medium fries as well as drinks of your choice. Are you willing to take the challenge? If yes, head to the nearest Burger King and order yours now.

    Location: Burger King Outlets

    Bliss Babe

    Looking for something to make your skin glow and your bones stronger? Then you should try Bliss Babe at 1 Utama Shopping Centre. Bliss Babe is the first collagen cafe in Malaysia. It uses Marine Collagen Peptide (10g each) in ALL of their drinks! And some of the benefits you can gain from it are glowing skin, strong bones, hair and nail growth, strong immune system and many more.

    Not only are they healthy, the drinks are all pretty too. There’s also a variety of low-calorie healthy desserts and snacks such as muffins, crispy donuts, cheese snacks, Dutch Baby pancakes, collagen pudding and more!

    Location: Bliss Babe, 1 Utama Shopping Centre

    Piu Piu Piu Cafe

    Its name sounds like a playful pistol noise, but we assure you that this F&B outlet is only shooting for great coffee and snacks. This ‘hidden’ KL café is cute, cozy, and most definitely a stress-free place. You can choose to dine inside or even outdoors.

    Piu Piu Piu is a laid-back place where patrons swarm around the counter, engage in conversation, and possibly, make a few new friends. This secret coffee shop is located inside the The Zhongshan Building arts centre – a freshly renovated row of shophouses built in the 1950s. Piu Piu Piu serves all sorts of coffees and delicacies. Another favourite beverage is the incredibly cooling Lemon Sour Plus, a handmade fermented lemon and lemon soda beverage.

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    Location: Piu Piu Piu Cafe, The ZhongShan Building


    Tealive has launched the new Purple Cha Cha series. Filled with sweet potato, layer by layer, and topped with bouncy, and chewy sago, this new beverage will guarantee you a pleasant surprise. The series comprises items made from yam balls, pearls and sago. The Purple Cha Cha offers three flavours: Purple Cha Cha Milk Tea with Sago; Purple Cha Cha Choc with Sago; and Purple Cha Cha Smoothie with Sago. Get yours now at the nearest Tealive outlet.

    Location: Tealive Outlets

    Date: Limited-time only

    Texas Chicken

    Experience delight with every creamy, crunchy bite! Introducing Texas Chicken’s all-new Spicy Buttermilk Jr. Texadilla. This new menu is the ideal combination of flavours for the ultimate cosy supper, packed with delicious buttermilk sauce, on a juicy Spicier Spicy chicken thigh and crispy tortilla chips. Comfortingly creamy with the perfect hint of spice, this Texadilla will have you coming back for more.

    For only RM22.50, you can now try the new Spicy Buttermilk Jr. Texadilla with the Crunch Box, comprising 1pc Chicken, Crispers and drinks. The Crunch Box is available from now till 20th March 2023. Grab yours before it’s too late!

    Location: Texas Chicken

    Date: now till 20th March 2023 (for Crunch Box)

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