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Tuesday, June 25, 2024
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    Local Bakery Responds To Angry Customer’s Accusation On Disastrous Wedding Cake


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    One of the highlights from a wedding is seeing the newlyweds cut their wedding cake. Some couples would go for something simple while others want their cake to be just as extravagant as the ceremony. However, sometimes, the wedding cake may not turn out as good as expected.

    When ordering a cake, one has to make sure that the bakery is fully capable of bringing the designs to life. But if you are unsatisfied with the outcome, make sure you complain to the right company that was actually responsible for making the cake. Otherwise, you might end up making some false accusations like this customer.


    Recently, an angry customer posted on the Scammer + Scam Malaysia Facebook group to express her dissatisfaction with how her daughter’s wedding cake turned out. “We immediately hide the cake in the room cause we were too embarrassed for the guests to see. It was just horrible,” the customer wrote. The netizen then accused Banker2Baker bakery of scamming them as the cake didn’t look anything like in the photos.

    While the post hasn’t gone viral on all social media platforms, it did catch the attention of one of the bakery’s followers who then forwarded the complaint to the company. Banker2Baker quickly addressed the issue on their official social media accounts. According to the statement, it was discovered that the bride actually ordered her wedding cake from another baker but took Banker2Baker’s photos from Instagram to be used as a reference.

    “We take this issue seriously as it has affected our image and credibility,” the bakery said. The wedding cake establishment then took the time to remind all bakers out there to reconsider recreating difficult cake designs before approving a customer’s order. “Some designs require specific technique and skill which need to be acquired through proper training and not by trial and error,” the company wrote.

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    Netizens responded to the statement with many defending the bakery and criticising the customer for not ordering the cake they wanted directly from the source. At the time of writing, there is currently no info from Banker2Baker if the angry customer has issued an apology for the false accusations and misunderstanding. We hope that the two parties can sort this out peacefully. Read the full statement below:


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