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Tuesday, June 25, 2024
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    (Video) Foreign TikToker Is Obsessed With “Malaysia’s Stinky Superfood”, Petai


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    Petai or stink beans is definitely not for everyone. Known for their skunky/gaseous, methane-like aroma, the vegetable has been used as an ingredient to make dishes like Sambal Cili Petai. Apart from sambal, did you know that a dessert maker once tried to make petai-flavoured ice-cream?

    Whatever the case, not everyone would be willing to eat the stinky beans on their own but this foreigner showed her love for petai by treating herself to a petai fiesta. Watch her clip below:

    Food reviewer and traveller Aga or @agaeatskl on TikTok recently posted a video on her channel of her enjoying various petai dishes, including raw petai. The foreign woman residing in Malaysia said she doesn’t understand why the vegetable is known as ‘stinky beans’ as she has no problem with the scent.

    “Every since I moved to Malaysia, everyone’s been calling petai ‘stinky beans’ but I don’t know what’s the big deal, I love it!” she said in the video. The TikToker then presented a variety of petai dishes on the table saying that she’ll be having a petai fiesta, further proving her love for the infamous vegetable. The blonde woman started her feast by eating a few of the raw beans while stating, “There’s something addictive about it that makes you want to explore every bite and crave for more.” 

    The content creator proceeded to share the Ministry of Health (MoH)’s research about how petai has many health benefits as they are rich in antioxidants, nutrients and minerals. If you’re wondering what her favourite petai dish is, the food reviewer revealed that her favourite is sambal udang with petai because of its intensity. She ended her video by requesting petai to be added to more Malaysian dishes.

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    Aga’s post went viral (with over 100k views at the time of writing) where Malaysian netizens commented about her unique taste buds. Many praised her for appreciating the Malaysian stink beans while others warned her about the aftermath of eating too much. Let’s hope she takes the advice seriously.

    What about you? Do you like Petai just as much as Aga?

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