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Monday, June 17, 2024
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    (Video) Influencer Jofliam Upset That TikToker Scaredtodie Only Rated His Pizza 7.5?


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    Influencer Jofliam has been quiet lately. The last big thing we heard from him was when he and his wife, Cik Epal won their 4-year long defamation case. Since then, the two entrepreneurs have been busy working on promoting their products and businesses with one of them being a pizza business.

    The father-of-two’s Wagyu Pizzas have been selling like hotcakes lately. However, word on the street has it that he was not satisfied with one foodie TikToker’s honest review about his pizza. Here’s what happened:

    Jason Chen or @scaredtodie on TikTok recently posted his honest review of the trending RM150 Wagyu Pizza by Jofliam. In the video above, the TikToker gave the business owner’s pizza a 7.5 out of 10 rating saying that the one he received tasted great and was worth trying but the process of ordering and getting the pizza was such a hassle. He even provided an alternative establishment for those who may not be able to afford Jofliam’s pizzas.

    The TikTok review went viral with 1.2 million views at the time of writing and the entrepreneur was apparently not happy with it. While the original video response has been taken down, netizens on both TikTok and Twitter witnessed the public figure apparently getting upset over the TikToker’s review. According to one of the tweets shown below, Jofliam said that the Foodie content creator should not have compared his pizzas with another pizza establishment.

    Netizens on Twitter then came to Jason’s defense by slamming the internet personality for being too sensitive about the review, saying that he should accept criticisms from customers as a business owner. Some commented that they’ve always appreciated the foodie influencer’s honest reviews and that he has always provided alternatives for this audience.

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    After the whole situation blew up on social media, Jofliam took to Instagram Story to address the situation. According to his statement, he clarified that he wasn’t actually upset with Jason’s review. “I’ve never been upset with any reviews of my pizza. What made me upset was I felt used cause some people used my pizzas for content and likes but then promoted another pizza business in their reviews,” he added.

    The celebrity father then apologised for causing the misunderstanding with his previous statement. At the time of writing, Jason has yet to share his thoughts on the whole drama. Watch Jofliam’s full statement below:

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