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Monday, June 17, 2024
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    3 reasons why the Galaxy Z Flip4 is great for on-the-go


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    There are some days when you want to go out without carrying much. That means no laptop bags or handbags, just your phone and wallet. That means it’s better to go compact, and it doesn’t get more compact than a foldable flip phone.

    If you ask us, Samsung’s Galaxy Z Flip series is a great option. The question then becomes “Which model?” Well, here are our top 3 reasons to pick the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip4 as your next pocket buddy.


    #1 It’s ultra-compact


    The first thing you’ll notice with clamshell foldable phones is how compact they are. When folded, the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip4 measures just 84.9 x 71.9 x 15.9mm which is about half the size of most standard smartphones. It then becomes an ultra-compact rectangular device that sits nicely in your pocket.

    While it’s also twice as thick as regular smartphones in this form, it’s not a problem unless you wear skin-tight jeans. Alternatively, you can put it in a shirt or jacket pocket. With a weight of 187g, you won’t even feel it in your pockets.


    #2 Convenient cover screen


    Samsung’s foldable Galaxy Z Flip4 not only makes things easier but also super convenient. We’re talking about the 1.9-inch cover screen, which can display your notifications, show you selfie previews, reply to messages, and more without even unfolding the phone. Pretty handy, right?

    Besides quick access to these features, the cover screen is also a way for owners to personalise their Galaxy Z Flip4. It’s a canvas you can use to display your photos, videos, or AR emojis with a clock face of your choice.

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    #3 Flexible cameras


    Lastly, its ability to fold makes the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip4 good in one area – photography. Due to its strong but flexible hinge, the cameras can enjoy a wide range of tilt angles. This results in more options when snapping photos and recording videos. You won’t even need a tripod when you’re out on the go.

    The flexible hinge also makes the phone great for other use cases. You could take sudden video calls when you’re away from the office or access extra controls in the camera app or third-party apps like YouTube.



    With the Galaxy Z Flip5 coming out in just a few weeks, we can expect the Galaxy Z Flip4 to get a price cut. That would make it a great deal for those who want a more affordable foldable flip phone. If you’re interested, check out the Samsung Malaysia website for more details. By the way, Samsung Malaysia is currently running a promo for this phone. From now till 30 June 2023, you can grab any of the Galaxy Z Flip4 variants at an RM400 discount with other bonuses.

    So, would you be happy with getting the Galaxy Z Flip4, or are you aiming to buy the upcoming Galaxy Z Flip5? Share your choice on our Facebook page, and stay tuned to TechNave for more updates about Samsung foldable phones.



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