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Monday, June 17, 2024
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    1 Utama Launches 1st Mall Skatepark In Klang Valley


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    Whether you’re a long-time skate lover or new to the sport, we have some fantastic news for you. There’s a new skatepark opening up in 1 Utama Shopping Centre!

    Of course, it’s got the necessary structures for skaters and others to perform their tricks on. However, this skatepark was notably made with both newbies and pros in mind. And we’ve got renowned pro skater and skatepark designer Tim Altic to thank for that.

    Tim has been skating for 45 years and has been designing skateparks since 1977. His love for the sport can be clearly seen in the details and the thoughts he puts into building his skateparks. This time, he’s taken care to make a park that has plenty of flat areas for beginners, while including several exciting obstacles for pros to play around on. However, what’s most impressive is the flowing design of the park.

    Skaters will enjoy weaving their own routes in this park as there’s plenty of paths they can choose to take. From skimming flat areas to practice and maintain their balance before picking up speed on wave ramps, they can then choose to perform some tricks or continue cruising. Tim has included several ramps and banks of varying heights, rails for grinding, ledges and a hip. All of this is sheltered by a giant overhead bridge, providing skaters protection from rain and shine.

    The dream for the park was to make it interesting and fun, while simultaneously ensuring it’s beginner friendly. After all, the more the merrier! Tim himself is currently pretty satisfied with the park, having taken a spin on it with a few friends.

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    However, the park will only be ready and open to the public in July. In the meantime, polish your skateboards, blades, bikes and scooters. We’ll see you in 1 Utama’s first ever free and unsupervised skatepark come July!

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