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Wednesday, June 19, 2024
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    13 Things To Do While You’re Vibing In Langkawi!


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    Langkawi is without a doubt the top option when searching for the ideal tropical getaway in Malaysia. Awarded the UNESCO Global Geopark classification, Langkawi is surrounded by blue waters, has the most beautiful waterfalls and woodland valleys, and is teeming with hidden riches that are sure to make for an epic escape.

    After three years of the pandemic, Langkawi has become the most popular holiday destination in Malaysia. We recently got a chance to visit this beautiful island and we’re super surprised to see some old but “new” attractions available. So, without further ado, let’s dive into 13 of the best things you can now do in Langkawi!

    Visit Eagle Square
    Tempat Menarik

    Known as Dataran Helang, this stunning location is one of the most instantly-recognisable features on Langkawi island and a must-see attraction. The Eagle Square, which is formed by a 12-meter-tall statue in the shape of an eagle, is known for its stunning architecture and surroundings. You won’t want to miss this photo opportunity, which is surrounded by terraces, bridges, and picturesque little fountains. Families and guests are welcome to take a leisurely stroll around the area in the morning or evening or watch the ferries arrive and depart from the harbour.

    Ride A Cable Car (Langkawi SkyBridge) 
    Langkawi Cable Car/ Viator

    Take a journey on the world’s steepest cable car to experience Langkawi’s lush vegetation. You will be able to see the entirety of Langkawi Island from 708 metres above sea level, as well as, unexpectedly, Southern Thailand! This is an absolute “must see” for all visitors because of the enormous granite towers and ridges that offer breathtaking 360-degree panoramic vistas.

    Watch A Fire Show (Cenang Beach)

    Nothing compares to taking some time to unwind at Pantai Cenang. Cenang Beach is the area of Langkawi with the most activity. This is the spot to go to take in the sunset views, as it is a beautiful location with lots of multi-coloured bean bags on the sand. Get there early, reserve a beanbag, enjoy the music, and while you wait for the shows to begin, fill up on food and beverages at adjacent restaurants. Fire baton juggling, throwing and catching, spinning glittering “poi”, and lighting up the night with a huge cone of flame thrown from a rod are some of the performances. This is one activity that will definitely brighten your evening!

    Explore Kilim Geoforest Park
    Langkawi Wildlife Park

    An unspoiled natural reserve with a variety of geo-sites filled with amazing plants and animals; and stunning geological formations including huge limestone rocks and fossils, caverns and lagoons, beaches, and of course, dense mangrove forests. Keep a look out for some amazing species in the mangrove area and on the muddy flats. In addition to monkeys, mud crabs, and squirrels, you may also encounter monitor lizards, which are able to dive into the water with ease and stay there for an extended amount of time. There is a floating fish farm close by. They house enormous open-air aquariums where you may witness a staggering variety of species. There are other undiscovered caves in this area that are hidden by the extensive mangrove roots. Here you can see mangroves that are more than a century old. The oldest mangroves are also surrounded by Langkawi’s tallest limestone rock formation.

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    Take A Sunset Cruise

    Put taking a sunset cruise at the top of your Langkawi to-do list if you’re seeking activities in the city at night. It’s fantastic for groups of friends or families, but it’s also one of the most romantic things to do in Langkawi for a couple. There are various sunset cruises you can take, some of which include drinks, while the better ones also include a delectable supper.

    The cruise we went on was called the all-in catamari. However, experiences may vary. Since it pretty much rains often these days, the water might get choppy. So, for safety, be sure to consume necessary medication to avoid getting seasick.

    Visit Kompleks Kraf Tangan
    Jom Jalan

    The 32-acre Langkawi Craft Complex, which is situated on Jalan Teluk Yu in the subdistrict of Bohor on Langkawi Island, has been in business since 1996. The complex’s architecture is adorned with Islamic-themed elements with the goal of enhancing the wall decorations and creating a harmonious fusion with Malay architecture. The Heritage Museum and the Customs & Wedding are both located in the Langkawi handmade Complex, which also offers visitors the chance to buy a variety of local handmade products. Visitors can capture special moments at the Dataran Tangga Seribu (A Thousand Staircase Square), one of the emblems at the Langkawi Craft Complex, in addition to participating in interactive craft activities.

    Shop Duty-Free

    Whether you buy keychains or t-shirts, the most common thing everyone brings home from Langkawi are definitely chocolates and booze. But seriously, Langkawi has tonnes of duty-free shops that sell branded chocolates and booze for really low prices. You can grab as much chocolate as you like! But do be mindful that purchasing booze has its limitations.

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    Gaze At The Seven Well Waterfalls
    Unexplored Footsteps

    The Telaga Tujuh Waterfalls is undoubtedly one of Langkawi’s most stunning and impressive tourist attractions. This magnificent natural feature, which is made up of several natural pools, can be found in the northwest region of the island. These formations are sourced from a single peak, Mount Mag Cincang, by seven distinct waterfalls. Telaga Tujuh’s ethereal and beautiful landscape has earned it the nickname “land of the fairies” among the locals. While you’re here, enjoy the scenery from the two viewing platforms or go swimming in the waters.

    Go Island-Hopping

    An island-hopping trip is one of the best things to do in Langkawi, and it’s a must if you’re curious about the island. Numerous distinct islands are visited on tours. Pulau Dayang Bunting, the second-largest island in Langkawi, is a well-liked destination for tourists. Lake of the Pregnant Maiden is the island’s most well-known attraction. You can rest or engage in a variety of Langkawi island activities here, like swimming and paddle boarding.

    Go Snorkeling & Diving

    For a variety of water sports, like diving and snorkelling, Langkawi is just great. You can, of course, do this on your own while visiting Langkawi, or even better, join a Langkawi day tour that takes you to some of the island’s top locations for observing marine life.

    A day trip to the nearby Palau Payar, which is only one hour away by speed boat, is one of the most well-liked snorkelling and diving excursions. You may dive and snorkel in the clear water on this stunning Langkawi beach, either from the shore or from a platform in the middle of the ocean.

    Take A Mangrove Tour
    Penang Insider

    By boat, explore the mangrove forest reserve and discover its ecology, flora, migratory bird population, and function as a nursery for young marine life. Then, for a fun-filled day, visit the floating fish farm, the Bat Cave, the Crocodile Cave, participate in an eagle feeding, and end the day with a stunning view of the Andaman Sea.

    Alternatively, you might decide to take a kayak tour of a nearby fish farm and mangrove area. Get on a kayak and paddle through the mangrove forest to see the native flora and animals, including sea eagles and kites, kingfishers, herons, mudskippers, fiddler crabs, and monitor lizards. Your kayaking guide can provide information on nature and the surrounding area.

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    Visit The Mahsuri Tomb
    Forever Break

    A mausoleum built in memory of the fabled Mahsuri binti Pandak Mayah, whose sister-in-law was envious of her beauty and spread rumours that she had been unfaithful to her husband. Mahsuri, who had been sentenced to death without a hearing, professed her innocence while casting a curse on Langkawi that would cause the island to experience famine for seven generations. It turned out to be true because Langkawi only recently recovered from its dry spell and is now considered as a major tourist destination.

    A few wooden cottages serve as a small museum showing some of Mahsuri’s jewels, as well as the tool used to execute her. Use this opportunity to learn more about the lovely Mahsuri, while enjoying ancient Malay architecture and creativity. Additionally, there is a mausoleum with a succinct statement about Mahsuri’s fate that is enclosed in a white square and surrounded by lovely vegetation.

    3D Art Langkawi

    See over 100 excellent 3D art works produced by 23 skilled Korean artisans and a few knowledgeable local experts. Mythical creatures can be seen emerging from the picture frames, or you can see a man’s hand reaching out from his portrait to welcome you. This is the second-largest museum of 3D art in the world and unquestionably the largest in all of Malaysia. It spans three levels of a building and a total floor area of about 2,000 square metres. The art museum is divided into a few zones or sections, each with a distinct subject and kind of 3D craftsmanship. There are many kinds of zones, such as an aquarium zone with images of marine life, a safari zone with artwork featuring animals, a few zones where you can interact with art objects, and dream zones where you’ll feel as though you’re wandering through dreams.

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