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Wednesday, June 19, 2024
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    4 Unique Cities Every Coffee Lover Should Consider Visiting


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    Renowned Danish author, Hans Christian Andersen, famously said: “To travel is to live.” This saying rings true especially for the wanderlust in us, who is always looking to explore (especially the unknown!) and discover new experiences. And with travels soon to resume, there cannot be a better time than now to start planning your next trip.

    Be it for the beach lover, art aficionado, history buff or metropolis hunter, we hope this list of must-go travel destinations – by Nespresso – will be one that marries your love for travelling and appreciation for a good cup of coffee.

    Soak up the sun, sea and breeze in Miami

    South Beach; image credit to Wikimedia Commons

    South Beach is one of Miami’s most famous landmarks and home to swaying palm trees and pastel-hued Art Deco buildings. Also known as ‘SoBe’, South Beach cuts a striking figure against the Atlantic Ocean and is a favourite spot for locals and tourists alike to spend the day soaking up the sun, sea and breeze amidst a bevy of entertainment outlets.

    The Art Deco District; image credit to Dream Hotels

    Meanwhile, travellers who prefer to immerse in the cultural aspects of SoBe will be delighted by the Art Deco architecture of the area. Multi-hued buildings in various shades of pastel hold a sharp contrast against the bold geometric forms that define Art Deco – the perfect embodiment of Miami’s melting pot culture and a visual delight for the eyes.

    The Nespresso World Explorations Miami Espresso encapsulates the spirit of this ‘melting pot’ culture in its bold cup, and embraces the vibrancy of the Hispanic coffee influence with aromas of cereal and peppery notes from the range.

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    In Miami, drinking coffee is a social affair and deemed as a way to celebrate life. When strolling down the streets of Miami, travellers will notice dozens of ventanitas, known as ‘tiny windows’, that are actually portholes to Cuba. These miniature coffee shops would dish out small bites and coffee – the short Cafecito (short coffee) or the larger Colado – for coffee lovers to enjoy. For an authentic coffee experience, we recommend that you sip your cafecito (short coffee) black or with a sprinkle of brown sugar.

    Traverse history with old castles and antique paintings in Paris

    Chateau de Chantilly; image credit to Jebulon on Wikimedia Commons.

    Travellers with a penchant for history will be enthralled by the majestic Château de Chantilly, home to one of the finest painting collections in France and anointed ‘World Monuments Watch’ in 1998 and 2002.

    A little over an hour’s drive from the Chateau lies the Palace of Versailles, once home to the French royal family and now designated UNESCO World Heritage Site that preserves its century old history and legacy.

    The Palace of Versailles; image credit to The Paris Pass

    Nespresso pays tribute to these historial landmarks with its Nespresso World Explorations Paris Espresso, a light-roasted blend that delicately balances bitter cereal notes with bursts of citrus to personify the rich Parisian café culture, where people enjoy philosophising over a cup of coffee. Best enjoyed black or as café au lait with some delectable French pastries, the contemporary notes of World Explorations Paris Espresso transport drinkers to the romantic terraces within the city of light.

    Immerse in ancient civilisation in Istanbul

    Basilica Cistern; image credit to Silvy135 on TripAdvisor

    Modern day Istanbul is a metropolitan city that gave rise to many civilisations and empire, dating back to the years Before Common Era (BCE). Today, underneath its bright city lights lies the Basilica Cistern that was built in the sixth century to store and deliver water to the Great Palace and its surrounding buildings. Now an unusual tourist spot, the Basilica Cistern is often visited alongside the Hagia Sophia, a grand monument of the city and much revered place of worship.

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    In staying true to the traditional Turkish coffee, the Nespresso World Explorations Istanbul Espresso is an intense ambrosial brew that bursts with the boldness of wild ripe fruits and a delicate almond note. The strong brew is best balanced with a glass of water and a nibble of Turkish Delight. Like traditional Turkish coffee, Ethiopian Arabica and Indian Robusta bring a thick and velvety style, a sip of World Explorations Istanbul Espresso will take drinkers back to a time where traders stop to enjoy coffee at enroute coffeehouses.

    Admire the sunset in Rio de Janeiro

    Sunset in Brazil; image credit to The Culture Trip

    Dubbed ‘one of the most beautiful cities in the world’, Rio de Janeiro is synonymous with magnificent views, breathtaking sunsets and the birthplace of bossa nova. Truly a city of contrasts, the stunning coastlines of Rio de Janeiro serve as the perfect backdrop to Christ the Redeemer statue, also one of the new seven wonders of the world.

    While largely unnoticed, the people of Rio de Janeiro centre their social activities and daily routines around food – especially strong black coffee, often enjoyed with a good toast in the morning.

    This is also why the Nespresso World Explorations Rio de Janeiro Espresso is a cup of intense, exotic and velvety coffee, to embody the essence of the colourful city. Interestingly, coffee tastes vary across this lively country. That is why the World Explorations Rio de Janeiro Espresso brings together the finest growing Arabicas from different Brazillian regions, to capture the passion and spirit behind both the cafezinho and Rio de Janeiro’s carioca coffee. As an all-Brazillian Arabica blend, it boasts a unique touch of sandalwood, and other herbal notes to reflect the country’s deep-rooted heritage of coffee growing and drinking.

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    Embark on a journey with Nespresso World Explorations

    Until we are free to travel again, Nespresso invites you to explore and savour the uniqueness of Miami, Paris, Istanbul and Rio de Janeiro through four new espressos, inspired by the cities and fuelled by their culture.

    The Nespresso World Explorations range harnesses its coffee expertise in blending and roasting, to result in superior coffee quality that appeals to individualistic preferences. Latte coffee lovers can now prepare their favourite cup with either milk or plant-based beverages by inserting a coffee capsule into the Nespresso Atelier and choose from a list of quick recipes, or create their own coffee recipes.

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