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Tuesday, June 25, 2024
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    8 Tips & Tricks To Get CHEAP Flight Tickets


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    Don’t lie. You and your friends have been planning on travelling but it’s just been all talk and no action whatsoever, right? Let’s try make a wild guess as to why nothing’s being done, hmmmmmm… BECAUSE FLIGHT TICKETS ARE FREAKING EXPENSIVE, THATS WHY.

    We get it, being a young adult is expensive. You have to bring a Starbucks drink into class/work, have lunch at a cafe during break, eat Japanese at a mall for dinner, and all that boujee stuff people do to look cool. Well, worry not because we have 8 tricks for you to use to secure cheap flight tickets. Yes, the trip shall make it out of the group chat.

    1. Just like asian parents; always compare

    Utilise websites like Google Flights & Skyscanner to research costs and identify the most affordable flight dates. You can use a variety of search engines to find the best flight routes and times.

    These search engines also provide open-ended searches that are based on factors other than the destination; for example, you could want to look for flights within a certain time frame and price range without having a specific destination in mind. Then, based on your choices, a variety of destinations will be shown to you!

    2. There’s more than one use for incognito mode

    Get your head out of the gutter and use incognito for something useful this time; to book flights. Websites for booking flights actually keep track of your visits and raise costs often. As a result, you want to search secretly and act as though each search is your first. They won’t know you’re a repeat customer if you look for a flight in an incognito window, so you can still find cheap tickets.

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    3. Sometimes longer isn’t always better, especially when it comes to distance


    Try flying from other, NEARER airports to you. Most travellers want to start their journey from the nearest airport to them. While this is typically because of convenience, it may also offer the best deal on flights.

    4. Hot people follow airlines on social media

    Follow airlines on their social medias to discover about discounted offers. Use social media to your advantage to find out about flight offers as soon as airlines release them. By following the appropriate social media profiles, you can snag the cheaper flights.

    5. Turn off your ‘do not disturb’


    Keep your notifications on, ESPECIALLY the ‘Price Alert’ notifications. Price alerts are an excellent method to be aware of price drops, despite the fact that they occasionally border on spam.

    There are numerous applications that offer this option right now, with Skyscanner and Google Flights being the most dependable and spam-free. Particularly for long-haul flights, price cuts are significant, so being able to book at that precise time is a great advantage. These fare drops don’t continue for very long, so we advise turning on app notifications while also putting on price alerts.

    6. The early bird gets hot girl/boy summer overseas

    Always reserve your flights at least four months in advance, especially if you are certain of your destination and departure time. You’ve searched and discovered the most affordable flights, but someone has told you the prices will go down if you wait and book last-minute. DO NOT LISTEN TO THAT PERSON. Pulling the trigger quickly is one of the best strategies to acquire discounted flights, we promise!

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    Nearer the departure date, flights almost rarely become cheaper; if anything, they are more likely to become even more expensive. Booking ahead is likely to always be cheaper than booking last minute.

    7. Mid-air sleepover


    Consider taking a red-eye flight, which arrives the next morning after leaving at night. Red-eye flights are typically less popular due to their erratic flying timings. In order to encourage customers to book flights during these off-peak times, airlines offer red-eye flight tickets at a lower price. Besides, long-haul red-eye flights are preferable since they allow you to arrive at your destination feeling revived and reenergised.

    8. Take a break, have a layover

    Source: Flickr

    Consider layovers as free rides you can take to new locations; attempt to schedule foreign travel with layovers that provide sufficient time for sightseeing in those locations. They not only provide free transportation to explore other locations, but they are typically less expensive than direct flights.

    Six hours is usually sufficient to go into the heart of the city, grab a meal, return to the airport without needing to hustle, and you can still get through security and make it to your connection on time.

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