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Monday, June 17, 2024
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    Introverted Personality Types & Your Next Vacation Escapade


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    The Myer’s Briggs test has indeed revolutionised how we look at people. This personality test has wired people’s brains to determine every important aspect of their lives — career, romantic partners, colleagues and even, their hobbies! The impact of the Myer’s Briggs personality test is definitely profound and fascinating all at the same time. The accuracy of most aspects of the test results has made this test a popular tool for university admissions, job applications, the military and other organisations. This self-report inventory is designed to identify a person’s personality type, strengths and preferences and was developed by Isabel Myers and her mother Katherine Briggs based on their work with Carl Jung’s theory of personality types.

    According to Carl Jung’s theory of personality types, there are four psychological functions — thinking and feeling (rational functions) as well as sensation and intuition (irrational function). Apart from that, Jung’s Theory distinguishes between two fundamental life attitudes, introversion and extraversion, further emphasising the fact that every person has a dominant life attitude and a primary function.

    Source: Very Well Mind

    Since various personality types have different preference and needs, it is to no doubt that one’s vacation could be further determined using the Myer’s Briggs Indicator Test. This could be more complicated if you’re an introvert. When the world is noisy, an introvert would definitely need a calm and cosy place to rejuvenate. Therefore, we have compiled suggestions for your next vacation according to your introverted personality types!


    Source: Noteworthy – The Journal Blog

    Your Next Go-To Destination: Reading Retreat At A Homestay Or Secluded Airbnb

    Naturally, INTJs love to learn and at work, they would most likely be hired for being efficient and organised. However, they would also need some time off from going all out to fulfil a certain task. This applies regardless of one’s location be it at work or home. Having to accomplish as much as possible has been the life goal of INTJs and finally, when it’s time to relax, all they’d need is some time alone, or probably loads of time alone. This might include dissociating one’s self from all modes of technology for a short period of time.

    A great way to do this would be to go for a solo reading retreat at a homestay or in a secluded Airbnb. Popular options for homestays include, Rumah Kebun, Selangor, BESLA Homestay A’Famosa Resort, Melaka, Kuang Kampung Retreat, Selangor and Nanga Damai Homestay, Sarawak. Get your own set of snacks, with a pile of books and you’re good to go!

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    Source: Eventbrite

    Your Next Go-To Destination: Virtual Book Clubs And Fandom Meet-Ups

    One common thing that an INTP would crave to have is a mutual bond over any of their interests. Typical INTPs would want to discuss their favourite books, movies or video games with their co-workers or family. However, they might feel bummed due to the fact that it isn’t the same as discussing them with people of the same interests. It’s nice to have someone who gets your ideas, right?

    Well, here’s what people like these could do for their upcoming vacation! It’s time to register for a virtual book club if you’re a bibliophile, a virtual convention depending on your interests or even a virtual gardening club! The possibilities are endless. This would be a great opportunity to make new friends from all around the globe, all while talking about your interests.


    Your Next Go-To Destination: Nurture Yourself With Nature

    With an ideal goal of wanting to have meaningful experiences, INFPs would generally, want to be taken away from their daily routine of doing mundane activities. Travelling is indeed at the top of their bucket list, however, they need their voyage to be personally meaningful and come closer to understanding the ideal within themselves. Basking in the wonders of nature would be a great choice for INFPs, as this would mean being far away from their everyday concerns.

    Connecting with nature, such as going hiking or walking on a nature trail could be the ideal choice for INFPs. This could be done by themselves or with a companion that would understand the INFP personality type.  Examples of places to go in Malaysia would be, the Bukit Gasing Forest Park in Petaling, Broga Hill and Bishop Trail, Fraser Hill.


    Source: Vision on KL

    Your Next Go-To Destination: Visiting A Historical Site

    Fellow ISTJs would always find satisfaction in visiting a historical site or getting to know a location that has historical significance. This is why places of such would have a great potential in becoming their vacation spots. Albeit having some sort of satisfaction in their predictable routines, ISTJs would most probably want to recharge their inner introverted side. Anything historical that is of huge significance to an ISTJ would interest them be it a religious site or a national heritage symbol.

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    If you’re planning to go in groups, just be sure to find a group that would understand your endless curiosity about learning more. You could travel to, the Malacca Sultanate Palace, the A’Famosa Fortress or the Sultan Abdul Samad Building to quench your learning desire.


    Your Next Go-To Destination: A Family Reunion

    In the midst of the pandemic, ISFJs would have experienced the toughest of times. As much as they love reflecting and remembering the familiar, they’d often get stuck in jobs or family situations where they are forced to be the helper — always trying to help immediate family members with interpersonal conflicts or trying to harmonis e relationships between stressed-out co-workers. These tender-hearted individuals would have a difficult time trying to get their family members to decide on a vacation destination.

    Therefore, a simple vacation would be enough such as a good old, family reunion in a familiar destination such as in a family-favourite restaurant or a homestay. If you’re the type of person who’d prefer staying at home, use popular food delivery services such as FoodPanda and GrabFood to deliver delicious meals to your doorstep for you and your family to enjoy.


    Source: Trip Ventura

    Your Next Go-To Destination: An Outdoor Adventure

    ISTPs have a natural tendency to work on new projects and to fix things. They prefer hands-on work which precisely indicates, their love for the great outdoors. However, instead of going for walks, these people, prefer going on an outdoor adventure. Being natural thrill-seekers, they would want to refresh themselves by doing some physical activities that would excite them all day long.

    Albeit their outgoing behaviour, ISTPs would definitely want to retreat into their introvert bubble especially, when there comes a need to socialise way too much for their comfort. It would be great if they could get some alone time without having to think about socialising with others. Examples of adventurous places to go to for ISTPs include, hiking at Gunung Tahan, Coral Flyer Zipline in Sabah and Tandem Paragliding in Selangor.

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    Source: iStock

    Your Next Go-To Destination: A Trip To The Beach

    With a high tendency to avoid loud, busy groups of people, ISFPs seek one thing the most; peace! They are often bogged down with the daily stress of working extra hours, studying in uncomfortable situations or facing burnout. They love having Zoom calls however, they also get frustrated with laggy calls. Therefore, they love being caught up in their own version of peace.

    A beach trip with close friends would be a perfect getaway especially, one that’s closer to home. It is essential to go there during the least busy hours to avoid feeling suffocated or stressed out. Some cool beaches in Malaysia would be, Batu Ferringhi, Coral Beach in Pangkor and Mabul Island Beach, Sabah.


    Source: Family Fun Canada

    Your Next Go-To Destination: A Creative Retreat

    INFJs are typically very creative however, due to work calls, family issues and the ongoing issues on social media, they find themselves stuck in the midst of the issues aforementioned hence, being unable to feed their creative brains on a regular basis. As the empathetic one in the room, being the peacekeeper has always been the prime focus of our fellow INFJ counterparts — resulting in exhaustion. The only thing that an INFJ truly need is a creative retreat.

    Book an Airbnb, log off all social media accounts, inform your loved ones that you’ll be unavailable for a few days and get started on that creative project that you’ve been delaying all this while! Be it writing a novel, making scented candles or getting your hands messy in an art project, the possibilities are endless for a creative retreat. You could also sign up for a few classes to enhance your creative talents and abilities. Locally, you could find workshops organised by Handmade Soap Malaysia, Clay Expression and Craft at No.7.

    Source: Thrive Global

    These suggestions would indeed ensure an enjoyable vacation for our fellow introverts out there. The key motive is to have fun regardless of the things you do and to always stay safe!

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