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Monday, June 17, 2024
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    (Photos) Step Into A Regal Kingdom Of Spring In 1 Utama & Spot All 12 Golden Zodiac Animals


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    How often is it that you see all the legendary zodiac animals being gathered altogether in one place? We know it’s not everyday, for sure!

    But this year’s Chinese New Year, you can pay a visit to 1 Utama Shopping Mall and witness the famed zodiac animals come to life and coated in gold at the LG Oval concourse.

    1 Utama

    1 Utama

    This festive season, 1 Utama is welcoming shoppers during the Chinese New Year to their majestic Kingdom of Spring. As shoppers enter, they will be greeted by the 12 gold-plated zodiac animals lined up on both sides of the red-and-gold aisle. And at the end of the aisle, a magnificent 20-feet tiger statue, gold-plated as well, is perched proudly.

    Gold coins and ingots are also sculpted alongside each and every animals. Each one of the zodiac animal’s statues are included with a description of it; which year belongs to the zodiac, and the characteristics of the zodiac.

    1 Utama

    1 Utama

    1 Utama also has lined up shopping kiosks that sells a wide variety of CNY gifts, snacks, festive delicacies, clothes and accessories; all for you. Besides browsing and shopping here, visitors can also take pretty pictures of the kiosks as they are beautifully decorated as well. Instead of using the auspicious red lanterns, golden lanterns are hung and traditional paper cutting arts are put on display.

    If you want to get a taste of Spring, head over to the Centre Court concourse and step into a small Teochew town where you can appreciate the intricacy of the decors inspired by the architectural designs from Guangdong province of China. Not only their Kingdom of Spring surrounded by zodiac animals are Instaworthy, but their Teochew town surrounded by a peony garden is as picturesque as well.

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    1 Utama

    1 Utama

    If the magnificent decors aren’t enough reasons for you to pay 1 Utama a visit this season, then maybe the CNY Pasar Malam will intrigue you. Yep, the PJ mall is bringing the annual event back as we slowly regress back to normalcy – it’s definitely a must-visit for the foodies.

    Set a date with your friends and loved ones to indulge in street food cravings and all-time favourites like Penang Char Koay Teow, Thai BBQ, Laksa, Sweet Potato Balls, Popiah, Chee Cheong Fun, Dragon Beard Candy, Tong Sui and many more. A perfect occasion for a sunny or moon-lit yumcha session.

    For those who are looking for traditional Chinese New Year entertainment, 1 Utama will also be lining captivating performances up for you at two different places; LG Oval concourse and Ground Floor Centre Court over the next few weeks.

    1 Utama
    Source: Facebook/1 Utama
    Source: Facebook/1 Utama

    All these fun activities and majestic decors will be available from this month up until the 6th of February. So, what are you waiting for? Step into the Kingdom of Spring and immerse yourself in the intricate and realistic Teochew town specially designed for you by 1 Utama!

    For more CNY 2022 happenings, click here.

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