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Wednesday, June 19, 2024
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    Travel: 10 Hidden Attractions To Visit In Langkawi


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    When you’re looking for the ultimate tropical escape in Malaysia, Langkawi is by a long shot the main contender. Encircled by turquoise waters, home to the most lovely cascades and forest valleys in the world, Langkawi, which was awarded the UNESCO Global Geopark status is brimming with hidden fortunes that are bound to make an epic escape.

    It’s easy to see why Langkawi is rapidly turning into Malaysia’s hottest tourist destination. Here are 10 places you should visit if you find yourself on this treasured island!

    1. Makam Mahsuri

    A mausoleum to honour a legendary old folk story of Mahsuri binti Pandak Mayah, whose beauty was the envy of her sister-in law, who started a rumour accusing Mahsuri of being unfaithful to her husband. Condemned to execution without trial, Mahsuri swore her innocence as she laid a curse on Langkawi condemning the island to go through a barren spell for 7 generations. It proved to be true as only recently, Langkawi came out of their dry spell and is now regarded as a huge tourist attraction.

    Take this chance to learn more about the beautiful Mahsuri whilst indulging in the classical Malay architecture and artistry as a few wooden houses act as a mini museum displaying some of Mahsuri’s jewels as well as the weapon used to execute her. You will also find a tomb set in a white square, embedded in beautiful greenery with a brief description of Mahsuri’s destiny.

    2. Dataran Helang

    The iconic Dataran Helang is the home of the commanding 12 meters high Eagle statue. The words helang (eagle) and kawi (reddish brown) are the inspiration behind the enchanted island’s name. Overlooking the Kuah Jetty, the larger than life eagle is seen as the inviting symbol for travellers coming into Langkawi. Notwithstanding the Eagle, the Giant Brahminy kite and a medium-sized shopping centre make this a well-known travellers picture taking spot.

    3. Cable Car

    Get a feel of the verdure of Langkawi with the steepest cable car ride in the world. At 708 metres above sea level, you will be blessed with views of the entire Langkawi Island and surprisingly, even Southern Thailand! Massive rock towers and ridges providing incredible 360 degrees panoramic views make this a unquestionable ‘must see’ for all visitors. Partake in the Langkawi Skyrail by meeting up with the jungle trekking tour located at the medium station on the Langkawi Skybridge, a one-of-a-kind curved bridge at the highest point of the Machincang Mountain.

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    4. Underwater World Langkawi

    Source: Klook

    Underwater World Langkawi (UWL) is one of the biggest marine and freshwater aquaria in South East Asia. It is built to bring issues to light on the significance of conserving our valuable aquatic living things, consequently making comprehension of the profound and indistinguishable bond among man and nature. At Underwater World Langkawi, attractions include, Tropical Rainforest & River Ecosystem, Temperate & Sub-Antarctic and Marine Section, Freshwater Fish Section, the Seashell Display, the Koi Pond, the Reptilium Section, Invertebrate Section, the Coral Reef Section and the Poisonous & Venomous Section. Featuring an enormous 15-meter-long walk-through tunnel, visitors can see the exceptional sea creatures up close and personal such as the Giant Green Turtle. The gigantic oceanarium is situated near a shopping centre and bistro. Visitors are thus provided with a one-stop shopping, eating and entertainment package, all of which are situated within one area.

    5. Fire Show (Chenang Beach)

    The liveliest spot in Langkawi, located by Chenang Beach. A great place loaded up with colourful bean bags on the sand, this is the definitive area you need to be at to soak in the sunset views. Get there early, book your beanbag, feel the music and spend your time devouring the food and drinks at nearby restaurants whilst waiting for the performances to start. Performances include twirling fire batons, tossing and catching them, spinning sparkling pois and lighting up the night with a giant cone of flame shot from a rod. This is one activity that is sure to light up your night!

    6. Kilim Karst Geoforest Park

    An unblemished nature reserve and an assortment of geo-sites loaded with astounding flora and fauna, dazzling geological developments such as, mammoth limestone rocks, fossils, caves and lagoons, beaches and of course thick forests of mangroves. Keep an eye at the mangrove region and the muddy flats, you will see a bunch of astonishing creatures. Other than squirrels, mud crabs and monkeys, you will also see monitor lizards that can easily plunge in and remain submerged for a sustained period in the water. Located nearby, there lies a floating fish farm. They host enormous open water tanks and you can see an amazing array of fish in them. There are many hidden caves here that are concealed by the dense mangrove roots. This is where you will find mangroves aged more than a 100 years old. You can likewise find the tallest limestone rock arrangement of Langkawi overshadowing the aged mangroves.

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    7. Muzium Laman Padi

    Source: Petit Go

    Rice museums may not be big on your rundown of activities to do in Southeast Asia, yet on the off chance that you’re going through Langkawi, a pit-stop to Museum Laman Padi is worth the effort. The island of Langkawi is a state famous for being known as the rice-bowl of Malaysia and the highest producer of rice in the country. Langkawi opened the museum in 1998 as a presentation centre for local rice-related artefacts, charts, pictures and rice planting tools, diverging towards being an eco-tourism draw. It grandstands the verifiable and social significance of conventional paddy-cultivating and offers visitors a hands-on understanding of the techniques of rice cultivation.

    8. Kompleks Kraf Tangan

    The Langkawi Craft Complex began its operations around 1996 and is sized at a massive 32 acres of land located at Jalan Teluk Yu in the Sub-District of Bohor, Langkawi Island. The architecture of the complex is embellished with Islamic thematic components intent on improving decorative designs on the walls detailing a good mix with Malay architecture. The Langkawi Craft Complex hosts a selection of different local craft products and at the same time, visitors have the chance to browse through the Heritage Museum and the Customs & Wedding. Apart from engaging in interactive craft activities, visitors have the opportunity to record delightful moments at the Dataran Tangga Seribu (A Thousand Staircase Square), one of the symbols at the Langkawi Craft Complex.

    9. MARDI Agro Technology Park

    The massive park is opened to the public to provide exposure on the utilization of modern innovation in Malaysia’s agricultural industry. This park is well known for its commercialised farms planted with a wide variety of organic products. Here, you will be taken on a ride around the area using the uniquely provided transportation. If you are a herb-plant enthusiast, this place is the perfect fit for you. After the touring ride, you can take a break by feasting on a wonderful local fruits buffet. There are north of 20 various types of seasonal and non-seasonal tropical fruit trees in the farmland. The fruit farm covers about 40% of the total land area of the park. A portion of the many fruits you can see here includes star fruits, guava, citrus, mango, rambutan, pulasan, durian, cempedak, jack fruits, longan and many others. Visitors are gifted with an intriguing keepsake of a palm leaf ‘origami’, uniquely created by the area’s staff.

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    10. 3D Art Langkawi

    There is a surplus of 100 fine arts made by 23 Korean craftsmen and a few capable nearby specialists. You can see mythical beasts emerging from the photo frames, or a man’s hand extending out of his portrait to warmly greet. This is the second biggest 3D art museum on the planet and absolutely the biggest in the entire Malaysia. It traverses across 3 stories in a structure and covers a complete floor area of around 2,000 square meters. There are a few zones or segments in the art museum each having its own theme and a type of 3D workmanship. The type of zones includes the aquarium zone filled with pictures of marine life, a safari zone portraying work of art with animal life, a few zones where you can interact with the art items, and dream zones, where you will feel like you are strolling through dreams.

    It is clearer now more than ever that Langkawi has a lot to offer, whether it’s to simply relax by the beaches, take part in fun activities or to absorb the cultural heritage. There is no shortage of picture-worthy islands, dreamlike bays and stunning sea shores, this great archipelago of 99 islands ought to be on everyone’s bucket list! What are you waiting for? Plan your trip today!

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