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Monday, June 17, 2024
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    (Video) French TikToker Tries To Guess 13 Malaysian State Flags


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    Whenever we see foreigners on TikTok travelling to Malaysia, it’s always nice to know that their trip has been an eventful one. Their videos make us realise that there’s actually so much to do in our own backyard and so many new things to try which we may not be privy to. By watching foreign or local travellers’ content, we can also learn to appreciate what our country has to offer.

    Some foreigners want to fully immerse themselves in our culture by learning how to eat the Malaysian way. Others are curious to try a local sports drink that may or may not be to their liking. After travelling around Malaysia for quite some time now, this TikToker wants to put his local knowledge to the test. Let’s see how he did:

    Alwin GC is a French content creator who regularly posts videos of his travels around the world on his social media. The young traveller has been in Malaysia since August of this year and we can tell his journey here has been very eventful. His most recent visit was to a museum in Kelantan where he tried to guess which flag belongs to which state in Malaysia.

    The video captioned, “MALAYSIAN STATE FLAGS GAME How many will you guess?” received 132.4k views on his TikTok (at the time of writing). The content creator started off the video with a disclaimer that he might only recognise a few flags. With help from a local, the French traveller managed to guess 5 out of the 13 flags correctly.

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    Comments are mostly by local netizens who played the flag game along with Alwin with some doing just as good as he did (or worse). Others find it humorous how he kept trying to guess which flag is Selangor. Many are looking forward to seeing him at his next destination which is Terengganu.


    Previously, Alwin shared his expectations of Malaysia and what he thinks of the country now after spending some time here. “I initially thought Malaysia was going to be dangerous and that I needed to be more careful but I’m in KL right now and I don’t feel like anyone is going to rob me,” he said. He also said that Malaysia is like the Switzerland of Southeast Asia.

    What do you think of his comparison and how well did you do in the flag game?

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