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Wednesday, June 19, 2024
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    (Video) We Chilled Out At RESORTS WORLD LANGKAWI And It Was A Blast!


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    Langkawi is known for its idyllic islands surrounded by beautiful blue seas; a tropical paradise perfect for an exciting getaway with family and friends. The lush jungles, sandy beaches, and of course, the duty-free shopping are just some of the things to look forward to. Last week, we stayed at Resorts World Langkawi, a perfect place for some rest and relaxation.

    Upon arriving at the resort, we were greeted with some fresh coconut water which quenched our thirst after a long day of travelling. Our first impression of the resort was that it was spacious and serene, with hidden gems that we got to explore after our tea break at the Seagull Coffee House. We rode around on bikes and got to feel the warm breeze of the island while taking in the stunning view of the environment.

    The distinct designs of the structures immersed us in the environment (transporting us to a faraway tropical resort) while preserving its Malaysian flair. To make things light and breezy for you, we’ll talk about our trip in different segments. So sit back, relax, and join us as we bring you through everything we experienced in our short trip to the charming tropical getaway.



    The accommodation was one of the highlights of our trip because we were able to stay in their Premier room, which has two queen size beds and a stunning view of the sea. The rooms were spacious yet cosy, making it an ideal place to unwind after a long day of activities. But of course, due to the hot weather in Malaysia, we blasted the air-conditioning in the rooms. If you’re going with a group of friends, you can also request for an extra bed, with separate charges applicable. Depending of what room you choose, they also provide surprisingly big balconies where you can chill and watch the sunset, since most of them have a seaview. And we gotta give some props to the room service, as the staff there were friendly and did not hesitate to assist us when we needed it.

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    In addition, we were able to tour their Signature suite, which featured two large bedrooms, each with its own balcony overlooking the resort. The best part? The suite includes a spa room where you can get massages for yourself or with your partner. The Signature suite has two separate bathrooms as well as plenty of living space, making it ideal for large groups of friends, families, or even couples. Walking around the suite gave us the impression that we were staying in a comfortable beach house great for large gatherings, without sacrificing too much personal space.

    The best part about their facilities is undoubtedly their free shuttle to Cenang, which operates 5 times daily. For us, we had an entire day to do some fun activities around the resort, but we also got to take the shuttle bus to Cenang for some duty-free shopping! Did you really go to Langkawi if you didn’t go duty-free?


    We did not hesitate to take a dip in their infinity pool, which was located right below our rooms. The pool provided us with a close-up view of the ocean, and we were able to watch the sunset while sipping some refreshing juice from the bar. Overall, the rooms were comfortably spacious, and they provided us with an unrivalled view of the island. If you’re bringing children, they also have a kids pool with a built-in playground, so you and your children can relax in this tropical paradise.

    Island Hopping

    Day two began with island hopping, during which we visited two different islands. Pulau Dayang Bunting, the second-largest island in the Langkawi archipelago, was our first stop. The lake known as the Lake of the Pregnant Maiden is the island’s most famous feature. To get to the lake, however, we had to walk for 15 minutes up and down 289 steps stretching 300 metres to reach the lake surrounded by mountain peaks. Visitors can swim in the cool water or paddle around in a kayak or paddleboat.

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    After that, we jumped back on the boat and got to experience eagle feeding. Yes, you read that right! There are a ton of sea eagles in Langkawi and the main feeding areas were located at the Kilim River as well as the water area near Pulau Singa Besar. We got to see eagles catching fish in a split second right in front of our eyes. If you’re afraid of birds, don’t worry; the seafarer will ensure that the boats keep a safe distance from the majestic animals!

    Sunset Cruise

    One of the best parts of our trip would have to be the sunset cruise, hands down! We were pleasantly surprised by how stable the entire ride was, despite the choppy waters. We didn’t waste any time snapping Instagram-worthy photos and videos of the breathtaking sunset and ocean view while relaxing in the warm sea breeze and soothing sounds of the waves lapping against the boat. It was truly something that everyone should experience at least once in their lives.

    When we got further into the sea, it was time for us to experience their salt water jacuzzi! And no, it’s not the usual hot tub on a boat, and it comes with an exciting twist. Basically, the seafarers would cast a net across the water, creating a jacuzzi-like effect. We got to bask in seawater while feeling the jets against our skin, getting a full body massage after a full day of activities!

    After that, we were served a gourmet barbeque feast, with a variety of western and local dishes on our plates. We jammed to music as the evening came to an end and we sailed back to the resort.

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    Water Sports


    When you’re at a resort, you can’t miss out on the water sports they offer! Aside from the sunset cruise and island hopping, Resorts World Langkawi provides a variety of water sports at the resort, such as jet-skiing, boat joy rides, and kayaking. Due to the high tides, we could only go for kayaking, nonetheless, it was still a fun time. But, as the clichéd saying goes, “time flies when you’re having fun”. That was the last activity we did before we bid goodbye to the resort.

    Overall, the resort was a peaceful getaway that gave us a much-needed recharge. It’s certainly a destination worth checking out, as there would be more exciting activities and offerings to come. If you’re planning a trip to Resorts World Langkawi during Ramadhan, don’t miss out on their Ramadhan Special Promotion:

    Citra-Rasa Porto Malai (buffet)
    From 25th March 2023 to 20th April 2023
    On Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday only
    Time: 6:00PM to 10:00PM
    Prices: RM59 (Adult), RM29 (Child) & RM39 (Senior Citizen); Early Bird, Hotelier and Group (Min. 20pax) rates: RM50 (Adult) & RM25 (Child)

    Tasty Iftar Family Set Menu (Dinner only)
    Daily from 25th March – 20th April 2023
    Time: 6:00PM to 10:00PM
    Prices: RM80 (4pax); RM150 (8pax); Additional pax @ RM25 per person

    For reservation enquiries, contact [email protected]. You can also head to their Resorts World Genting’s official website for more information. 

    Watch our Langkawi Trip Highlights reel here:

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