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Monday, June 17, 2024
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    QuickCheck: Are scammers posing as the NSRC with fake ‘crime claims’?


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    The rise in scamming tactics has prompted individuals to become more aware of the various ways scammers try to trick them, whether it be through postal, bank, or phone scams. With this heightened awareness, scammers have started employing new tactics. A recent claim suggests that scammers are now posing as personnel from the National Scam Resource Centre (NSRC).

    Using their usual modus operandi, these scammers falsely accuse individuals of engaging in criminal activities. But is there any truth to this claim?



    Authorities have warned the public not to fall for calls from individuals pretending to be NSRC personnel who claim they are involved in criminal activities. These scammers then proceed to ask for banking details.

    “If you encounter such a situation, it is important to immediately end the call and contact the NSRC at 997 to avoid becoming a victim,” the police stated on their official Facebook page.

    The police also emphasized that the NSRC will only reach out to the public after a report has been filed. They further assured that the NSRC will never request any banking particulars from individuals.

    For those who have already been victimized, it is crucial to reach out to the NSRC immediately at 997.

    Credit: The Star : News Feed

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