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Monday, June 17, 2024
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    The Importance of Multiracial Harmony Unveiled by Perak Ruler


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    BATU GAJAH: Sultan Nazrin Muizzuddin Shah of Perak paid tribute to the renowned cartoonist Datuk Mohd Nor Khalid, popularly known as Lat, for his portrayal of multiculturalism in his caricatures. According to the Perak Ruler, Lat’s caricatures accurately depict the realities of living in a diverse society. Sultan Nazrin acknowledged Lat’s ability to capture the harmony that exists in a pluralist society through his casual sketches. The Sultan further emphasized that Lat views the differences between people as a national asset and treasure of great value, emphasizing the shared experiences of a multi-ethnic society.

    The Sultan further expounded on Lat’s work, stating that it carries a clear message of peace, harmony, and mutual respect among people of diverse backgrounds. He highlighted that Lat’s caricatures showcase various aspects of everyday life, including wedding ceremonies, festive celebrations, school environments, traffic congestion, and dining experiences. Sultan Nazrin affirmed that Lat’s work demonstrates that individuals in a pluralist society do not harbor prejudice towards one another based on their differences in race, religion, culture, or language proficiency. His opening speech took place at the Lat House Gallery on Jalan Bemban, with the presence of Raja Permaisuri Perak Tuanku Zara Salim.

    Sultan Nazrin praised Lat’s unique perspective and analysis of various issues. His caricatures and dialogues humorously convey profound philosophies, sarcastic remarks, thought-provoking questions, and valuable advice. Lat’s simple sketches exhibit a wisdom and intellectual acuity that fosters neither conflict nor hostility. Sultan Nazrin reiterated that Lat’s work reinforces the idea of living in a pluralist society with a spirit of mutual respect, highlighting the absence of prejudice based on differences in race, religion, culture, or language proficiency. The Sultan commended Lat for garnering international recognition through numerous awards and accolades, bringing pride to the nation.

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    According to Sultan Nazrin, the Lat House Gallery not only provides insights into the life of an artist but also chronicles the achievements of a “village boy” who transformed into a renowned artist. Despite gaining international recognition, Lat remains humble, akin to the paddy plant that bends low as it thrives. The Sultan expressed hope that the wealth displayed at the gallery would inspire citizens, particularly the Malaysian youth. He emphasized the importance of preserving Lat’s legacy for future generations and envisioned the gallery as a treasure beyond value for all citizens.

    Mohd Nor, affectionately known as Lat, was born in 1951 in Kota Baru, Perak. His talent in art was evident from a young age, leading his family to give him the nickname “Bulat,” which later evolved into his iconic nickname, Lat. At the age of 11, he designed his school’s cover magazine, Suara Pasir Puteh. Lat gained recognition for his commercial works while attending primary school, including the comics “Sekawan Menangkap Pencuri” in 1964 and “Karya Tua Keladi” published in the Singaporean magazine Majalah Filem in 1966. He also had a long-running comic series titled “Mamat’s Family,” which was published in Berita Minggu for 26 years. In 1974, his career reached new heights when his comic “Bersunat” was published in Hong Kong. This achievement led to his appointment as a New Straits Time (NST) column cartoonist, where he had a dedicated column called “Scenes of Malaysian Life.” Before becoming a cartoonist, Mohd Nor worked as a reporter at Berita Harian in 1970 and later as a crime desk reporter at the NST newspaper in 1973.

    Credit: The Star : News Feed

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