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Wednesday, June 19, 2024
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    Dog repeatedly shot with BB gun goes missing


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    PETALING JAYA: Changgang, the resilient dog that faced multiple shots from a BB gun and was abandoned at an oil palm estate in Banting last week, has managed to escape from a veterinary clinic in SS15, Subang Jaya, where it was undergoing treatment.

    The brave canine, which was kept in a secure cage, is believed to have fled the clinic at approximately 4pm yesterday.

    Sani Ng Abdullah, the kind-hearted individual who rescued this stray dog on June 29 and named it after the village where it was found – Kampung Bukit Changgang – recently received a distress call from the clinic at around 6.15pm, informing him about the disappearance of the dog.

    “My wife and I were at the clinic around 3pm to visit Changgang and we brought some food for it,” Sani shared with The Star.

    “Shockingly, just three hours later, we received the upsetting news. We are devastated by its disappearance. We have initiated a search, joined by fellow animal rescuers.

    “We believe it couldn’t have gone too far and is likely hiding in the vicinity.”

    Sani revealed that the poor dog currently has over 20 ball bearings embedded in its body, which have yet to be surgically removed due to its fragile condition.

    “Only one ball bearing has been extracted and handed over to the authorities for investigation,” he disclosed.

    The police have been notified, and they are currently investigating the case as an act of animal cruelty and animal mutilation, in accordance with the Animal Welfare Act and the Penal Code.

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    As of now, the culprits remain unidentified.

    On July 3, The Star shed light on the issue of gas-powered ball bearing guns, or BB guns, which are being illegally sold on various e-commerce websites, despite their illegality and potential danger.

    Sani called upon anyone with information regarding Changgang’s whereabouts to reach out to him at 016-611 2777, or to animal rescuer Chia Boon Woo at 012-311 1132.

    Credit: The Star : News Feed

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